100 Jeremiah RPG scenarios


Add your scenarios as you come up with them.

1. The characters are forced to defend themselves when a local market they are shopping and trading in comes under attack by Raiders.

2. The local leader of a community hires the players to wipe out a nearby band of bandits and retrieve items stolen from the community and from the leader.

3. The players are forced to defend themselves when a local leader they have done a job for double crosses them and orders them to be taken prisoners. The heroes may flee for their lives and return for revenge or to steel what was promised to them. If they don't get away, they will have to come up with a daring escape plan and enlist the help of townsfolk if they can.

4. The characters have heard of a community that is well organized, they decide to make the long journey to discover if it is a place they could finally call home. The first thing they will need to do is find out where it is and then come up with a plan to get there. A passing Traders selling a map seems to be the answer the heroes are looking for, but others want that map and will kill for it. Does the X on the map mark the spot for treasure.

5. While camping in the wilderness, the heroes are attacked by ferral wolves, and fleeing they discover a mysterious structure that is haunted by the past.

6. The new leader of a town the heroes are passing through is holding the townsfolks children hostage. What can the hero's do to help against overwelming odds.
7. A micro-light flies over the characters whilst they are away from populated areas. It's flight direction remains constant as it flies over the horizon.

8. There are increasing rumours along the coast that vessels have been spotted out at sea. Old maps show that there was an oil platform much further out, but that was abandoned during the Big Death. Wasn't it?
9. There is activity at a nearby military base, looks like someone is moving in. The heroes are sent to investigate.

10. Towns folk have been disappearing without a trace from local communities in the past few weeks. Tracking down information and putting together a pattern to the disappearances, the heroes lay a trap with themselves as bait! The perpetrators turn out to be well equiped and trained soldiers with a VS. The encounter leads the characters to a secret facility where experiments are taking place.

11. The characters are assigned to escorting and providing protection to a diplomatic mission sent to a distant community which may offer important resources. Things go wrong when the community you are visiting is attacked and the ambassador you are guarding is kidnapped.

12. The heroes are sent into a major city to retreive copies of Blackstone's Commentaries on English Common Law from the libraries there. The community they are in is rebuilding a law system based on the Common Law and wishes to get a hold of as many copies of the book so that a school educating new judges can be formed. Depending on what city the heroes are sent too, a whole host of adventures can occur while attempting to aquare a handful of the books from various libraries.
13. (more of a background subplot over the course of a campaign)
After discovering and fixing up an old short-wave radio, the characters start picking up broadcasts in a foreign language. The quest begins to research this language and hopefully find a way to learn it. Between adventures, the characters gradually manage to communicate with these people in a distant land. Are things just as bad there? Maybe a small foreign nation has survived completely by isolating themselves - and if so is there any way to reach it?
14. A new weopons dealer has moved into the area and he seems to have a lot of hardware he's trading with little regard for who the customers are. Marrauders and skinnheads are turning up much more heavily armed than they should be and the balance of power is threatened in the whole region. The characters must shut down the weapons dealer, either diplomatically or with violence.

15. A health epedemic like flu is spreading throught the region. The heroes are sent out to aquire antibiotics wherever they can get it.

16. An ally of the community the heroes are associated with is under seige by a large band of Skinnheads. Local forces are marshaling to aide the besieged community but time is short, supplies must be smuggled into the town if it is to hold out long enough to get the aid. The heroes must carry supples and sneak through the skinnhead lines and the get back out to bring back intel on the skinnhead disposition of forces.
17. Slavers are making their way through towns near to PCs capturing people. PCs could either be captured and try break out OR someone they know is captured and they try free them before it's too late.
18. A dying man asks the heroes to take a message to his sister back in [insert community here]
19. A strange woman arrives in town claiming to have the ability to read past and future from objects. However, when she meets the characters, a vision of disaster overcomes her. What did she see?
20. The heroes discover a hidden, fully gassed up vehicle. A search of the vehicle turns up hidden clothing with a VS patch on them. The heroes might hide out and wait for the owners of the vehicle to return or they may try to track them. The vehicles owners are a 2 man Valhala Sector team sent into the heroes community to make contact with a contact/spy. The agents are now dressed in normal street clothes. If the VS agents are captured, the community will be in extreme danger as VS will send a sizable force to extract or eliminate the agents. The heroes might try to follow the agents to their base of opperation, which is a town some distance away that VS is using as a forward opperations base for local opperations. One likely result of this scenario is that VS will put the heroes community on a possible threat list and will increase surveilance and opperations against it.

21. The heroes are sent on a diplomatic mission to resolve growing animosity between 2 Communities. The heroes job is furtther complicated when a stash of resources/goods is discoved by agents of one community in territory that the other community claims as its own. A full blown war between the communities is very possible unless the heroes can figure out a way to stop it.
22. PCs get captured and forced to work in mine near to small town. Town is either supplying material to VS or TM. If VS, would want to find out where stuff might be going what for. If TM, think TM would be happy dealing with town that uses forced labour. Obviously PCs would be wanting to escape.
23. The heroes community leaders have accepted an invitation to attend a summit to be held in St. Louis. The heroes are assigned as support security and must set up a command center in St. Louis near the Stadium where the summit will be held. The summit is attacked by a large force of Valhala Sector troops and the heroes must try to escape from the trap in order to bring word of the disaster to their community. If the heroes try to get to the stadium in order to rescue their leaders it should become apparent that doing so is nearly impossible as the majority of the VS force is aimed here...the heroes should cut their losses and get word back home, otherwise they will end up dead or captured (depending on how much resistance they put up).

24. The heroes bring back word to their community of the disaster in St. Louis. They must help the community through the crisis of a leadership vacuum and fear of the power of Valhala Sector. A leading candidate for the new leadership would in particular not be good for the community as he/she has exhibited fear and anger in high doses. Now that power is within his/her grasp he/she is willing to usee whatever means is neccessary to gain it. If the heroes don't take a decisive role in the crisis the community could tear itself appart.
25. The heroes are sent out to infiltrate a cult which has been growing in influence and adherents in the region. The cult is led by a charasmatic Mystic who preaches about the return of God. His followers believe that he is an angel sent by God to muster a new army to help God retake heaven. The heroes must investigate the cult which has taken up residence on the sprawling campus of an old world University. They must discover the cults secret agenda and determine if it poses a threat to the new world that their community is helping to build.
26. While on a mission to scout out communities in a region not to far away from their home community, the hero's encounter a village that is under attack by what seems to be raiders. Aftter helping the village fight the raiders off, the heroes discover that the raiders are in fact slavers who have been kidnapping women in the region for the past month. The heroes must embark on a quest to discover what they can about the slavers. Tracking the slavers leads to a distant city, ruled by a strongman. The city has a vibrant market where almost any goods can be purchased, including female pleasure slaves. Investigation will lead to the knowledge that the cities market for pleasure slaves is expanding as a growing number of communities in the region and beyond learn of this new trade good. The city is sending out its slavers further out in order to avoid incidents with its customer base. The heroes must return home to warn their community of this potential threat.

27. The heroes are sent on a diplomatic mission to cement a treaty between an important regional community and their own city. Upon arrriving however, they learn that the leaders dqught has been captured by raiders, an investigation reveals that the raiders are in fact slavers from a distant city. The leader negotiates with the heroes, if they rescue his daughter, he will join the alliance and be a close ally to their community. This treaty is vital to the security of their community and so the heroes set out to attempt a daring rescue of the leaders daughter.

28. The heroes must infiltrate a distant, hostile city in order to discover the wareabouts of a young woman who was captured by the slavers of this city. The city is populated by thugs, thieves, and con-men, where a percieved insult can land a hero in a knife duel at the drop of a glove. The cities markets are filled with every sort of trade good imaginable, and the city supports gladitorial games as well as brothels, where unfortunated pleasure slaves are forced to serve the cities customers. After much investigation, shopping and likely some trouble with thugs and other street trash, the heroes discover that the girl is working in one of the brothels. The heroes must come up with a daring plan to rescue her and escape, surrender is not an option here, the cities in habitants will kill anyone trying to free a slave, unless that have reason to believe that the rescue attempt was organized by a community in which case the captured would be rescuers can expect extreme torture to be used against them.
29 - The PC's have heard of a group of Brain Boys that have formulated a method of using cleaning liquids to recharge expended batteries. The process results in fully charged batteries and an abrasive cleaning solution that they resell. Unfortunately they are running low on the initial supplies of cleaning liquid, and are buying up as much as they can. They don't have much food for trade, but they have plenty of their offshoot cleaning product, as well as a stack of "junk" (equipment), that they use in trade. They are willing to go as high as 4d8% above the original value of the cleaning liquid. Items such as dishwashing detergent, stain remover and bleach are all acceptable. Stuff such as clothes liquid is not.

30 - The PC's encounter a caravan that is travelling around several towns selling potatoes. LOTS of potatoes. Unfortunately, they are unable to sell them, as several other farms have also had bumper crops, and have beaten them to trade. The farmers are looking to offload as much of them as possible before they go bad. They are willing to go as low as 5d4% off the base value. They are not looking for food...

31 - Travelling between towns, the PC's come across signs of an ambush. The encounter should occur mid/late morning. There are two dead horses in the middle of the road, and four or five people in the trees on either side of the road. There are dozens of cases scattered on the ground, indicating a serious gun battle. Only two of the people have bullet holes, the rest appear to have been hacked into with knives. The two horses appear to have had their throats cut, then a single long cut along their sides after they died, the internals pulled out through it. Some of the meat appears to have been eaten. The people appear to have died early last night, while the horses died a few hours earlier. A search check at DC 25 turns up 1d4 9mm rounds of silver ammunition. Another check at DC 25 turns up a Browning HP. A search check at DC 30 turns up a full clip of silver ammunition for a Colt Double Eagle.

32 - As the PC's travel, they come across a solitary figure sitting by the side of the road, cooking enough fish to feed himself, the party, and another person. As they come closer he eats some of the fish and calls out, "Your late!". If the PC's approach, attempt to engage in conversation, or even ignore him, the individual states very flatly: "I have a message for you. God says, resist it's your only chance!" Before the PC's can respond, 1d4+(No. Party Members) Raiders (L1or2 Jocks) burst from the trees and surround the party, armed with an assortment of large knives & handguns. One carries a shotgun (L2d4 Thief), another a rifle (L1d4+1 Jock), but both also have handguns as backups. The demand the PC's surrender their stuff, and follow them to X (pick a nearby town). In the confusion, the mystery man has gone. If the PC's attack immediately, only the leader of the Raiders gets a surprise round, and combat runs until one side is dead or unconscious. If the PC's attempt to negotiate, the "leader" speaks with them, while a couple of his group start eating the fish. After half a minute or so has passed, those who have eaten the fish (1+1d3) begin to go a little blue in the face, and pass out.
33. The heroes encounter a tribe of depraved canibals while traveling through the back country, short cuts can be extremely dangerous. The canibals are arcaic, using spears and other hand made items, it is as if these people have devolved. The heroes must discoveer the secrets of this tribe and destroy it before its 'sickness' spreads.

34. The heroes are sent into a major military installation to aquire valuable supplies that will enable their community to survive against larger and more aggressive communities. The object is to aquire ammo, small arms, grenades, radios, batteries, generators and the like. Thay are also supposed to take inventory of what is on the base. A team from Valhala Sector is also on the base doing inventory for their commanding General.
35 - The characters discover an old truck half buried by a mud slide. Inside they find 4d12x10 cans of food. Since the truck's been buried by mud for the better part of the last two decades, most of the cans are remarkably well preserved.

Unfortunately, those that aren't haven't swelled as much as they normally would due to the cool conditions. It will take 24 - 36 hours for the bad cans to swell out.

Anyone that eats food from one of the cans before determining if it's safe may suffer ill effects.

The number of bad cans is equal to 30+2d20%.

Anyone that eats food from the cans rolls d% for each can they eat from. If it's equal to or less than the number of bad cans, something bad happens to the character...