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    High Guard Update 2022 - Coming July 29th!

    Any update on expected release time today? Thanks
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    Traveller Release Schedule/New Books

    This is all great news! If it is possible to include some of the new text for ship upgrades/retrofits n the upcoming preview, I'd be delighted.
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    The Robot Handbook is Here!

    Thank you, Geir! A personal response from the book's author within an hour or two is extraordinary and greatly appreciated.
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    The Robot Handbook is Here!

    I’ve been experimenting with custom robot designs. I could use help confirming or correcting my understanding. I’m looking at pages 66 and 26. In building a TL12 robot as a crew Gunner, the robot could be optimized for a +6 Gunnery (+3 from enhanced Dexterity upgraded to Dex 15 and +3 from a...
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    The Robot Handbook is Here!

    This is a superb game book. Thank you
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    Prince Richter Grehai (spoilers)

    Resolving the unknowns regarding Prince Richter would make an excellent sequel to the Shadows of Sindal. What's the bounty on him worth? Which clans are hunting him? How can his network be co-opted by the PCs? Where's his base? What's the source of his wealth? Is there really an SIndal...
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    High Guard Update 2022 - News

    Thank you for this news. I'm looking forward the High Guard Update 2022 and I'm glad to hear there are ship retrofit or customization rules on the way. Is there any more information that you could share regarding the expected date of the product release or tantalizing bits of news regarding this...
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    Ships of the Spinward Extents

    Geir, Thank you for your thoughtful comments and all of your work for the Traveller community.
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    Ships of the Spinward Extents

    Congratulations and thank you to the authors and publishing team on Mongoose's recent additions to the Traveller Universe! Tiles such as Skandarsvik, Third Imperium, Glorious Empire, and Spinward Extents are all strong additions. Is it me or do the ships published in Spinward Extents seem to...