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    World Builder's Handbook - Suggestions and opinions welcome

    Very much my hope as well, and my experience with WTH and SOM was the same. Two of the best supplements for any game, any time.
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    High Guard is Here!

    OK so I could have been more succinct.
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    High Guard is Here!

    Thank you guys for getting this out. I've just skimmed through and I'm impressed with the overall quality, layout and art. I really appreciate the inclusion of alternate technologies (e.g., reaction drives) to allow for non-OTU settings. It was a nostalgic trip through all the old designs -...
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    High Guard - On The Way

    Thanks so much, Matt! :D
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    Traveller Adventures in Print & Pre-Order High Guard

    Gaaaa! I'm really impatient for the release of HG2E PDF. Traveller was my first RPG back in 1980, and High Guard was one of my favourite parts of it. I GM'd CT and MT extensively when I was young, immortal, had unlimited time and very little real-world responsibility. Since then I've had...