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Mr Mongoose,

Don't want to be banned or anything.

But why have 2 of my posts been deleted, I didn't use vulgar language or anything?


Hmm, can you tell us the vague topic or if you overview of the posts? I didn't think they deleted many posts here... but you have my interest piqued now.

I think they may have been a tad wordy.

Just some stuff about Slaine, if it was any good or not, and different enough from std d&d 3e, cause we play normal 3e a lot.

If anyone had tweaked the h-h combat system for Judge Dredd it didn't play aswell as I hoped. Especially any ideas on cuffing while grappling.
BigSteveUK said:
I think they may have been a tad wordy.

Just some stuff about Slaine, if it was any good or not, and different enough from std d&d 3e, cause we play normal 3e a lot.

If anyone had tweaked the h-h combat system for Judge Dredd it didn't play aswell as I hoped. Especially any ideas on cuffing while grappling.

I thing the forums have had a bit of a clean out today. It vanished completely for a couple of hours earlier (although that my have been my browser being rubbish!)

As for the cuffing while grappling - I'd say that a judge can cuff a perp if he maintains a pin for a round, the judge can put the cuffs in place instead of causing damage.
Something strange happened with the forums yesterday.

My "View Posts since last visit" list told me about posts I'd already read about 4 hours previous...

I like the idea of being able to cuff while grappling. It hasn't come up yet for me, and I'm not about to suggest it to my players, but if they ask, it sounds like they should be able to.

I had a player grapple a surgical robot before and we had a big discussion about what grappling actually meant. I thought it was trying to grab hold of them, in a bearhug or something, and then falling to the ground, rolling around. Doing this against a surgical robot that has 4 las-knives as hands, and is nothing but sharp metal anyway, seemed a little insane to me. But that's another story.

Keep the great ideas coming.

I wrote a lengthy response to the handcuff question, so here comes a shorter one :roll:

If you want to include more hand to hand combat in your games instead of shooting keep mentioning that part of the training that judges get is to know what weapon to use at a time. Be it the Lawgiver, daystick, boot or laser cannon of the Lawmaster, all have their uses and there is such a thing as overkill :) Remember that judges are supposed to get the perps alive and not dead. All that boils down to controlled aggression. But you already know that, don't you?

To make close combat more fascinating use more descriptions in your combat sequences instead of just rolling dice (I don't know, you might already do that). It makes combat more visual but it takes some effort. Another trick is to make more use of feats that are related to melee combat. The third possibility would be to have the perps give up even when not beaten up to death or unconsciousness. After all most of us won't want to get hurt. The last trick is to inform your players that you award experience based on their performance and excessive use of force (ie. using a scattergun when daystick would do the same job) would result in less experience based on first paragraph.

About the cuffs. As I don't know the d20 system that well this is only a guess. Make a normal grapple attack, if successfull the judge can try to cuff the perp during the next turn. Of course the perp can struggle and escape from the hold. I suppose similar rules that are used for dealing damage for grappled victims can be used here?

I hope this helps,

Let us know how it goes. Are you running your own freeform adventure or one of the published ones?

Tried out of few of your new ideas and didn’t stick to hard and fast to rules. Went really well, they are starting to find their feet and one guy just loves sentencing people. About half way through a tweaked version of Full Eagle Day. The gunfight in the arcade was a right laugh, though the PSI judge nearly got taken out. Had an amusing moment where one of my players leapt onto an escaping hover car. As a whole has played pretty well. I think stumm gas is the favourite item at the moment. Should get it finished next session. Then we are trying out some new games, while I write up a new scenario for JD.
Sounds good Steve. It's interesting to hear how different players react differently to the same scenario. Your guy jumped on the escaping hover car... mine fired 2 hi-ex at it, almost completely destroying it. I'd love to hear how the rest of the adventure goes for you and your group.

I do have one question though, if you have got that far... how did the ambulance chase go? It didn't go that smoothly when I ran it, though it's mainly because of my inexperience behind the gm screen.

I am a big Stumm gas fan, and can't wait to use it on my players! Riot foam too...

For chase sequences I use an my old Top Secret SI Chase Matrix (the game was pooh, but the matrix is fantastic). Essentially its a series of circles with connecting lines between them (though not all). Some have markers to indicate some kind of obstruction/event. Not all the circles join mind, and others can have longer lines linking to others (a back alley shortcut). Also the chase starts with any random circle (handy so players can't memorise the map for reuse).

With a little imagination the gm can use these simple lines to build a mental map of the city. Now the bonus here is that the concept is completely abstract, theres no concept of distance, so you can use any chase system with it, and then use this system to work out dead ends, turns, obstacles and events (if you wish them)

I've been using this since 1986/7 and it works with just about any game - from AD&D to Call of Cthulhu (though its a bit ropey for the White Wolf and AEG games), and its a bit dangerous for Con X.

theres probably a few websites with one on - or if you see a top secret si boxed set on Ebay, it rarely goes above a £5.
So far my group has been pretty sensible and made a good balance between force and investigation and after one player nearly killed another with a HE they are fairly careful. Also to be fair the players themselves are a really could mix of personalities.

I am not to keen on the melee rules and feel it’s should’ve been tweaked; I mean they work great for D&D, but I find it hard seeing judge buying power attack and cleave!!!

I have yet to run a proper vehicle chase and love the sound of your top-secret rules, I am sure I have a copy somewhere, where they in the basic set?

I am running a Spycraft with another group and there chase rules are excellent, I am considering porting it across, but I will have a look at the others as I like the abstract nature.
Those of both great ideas for chases. The one vehicle chase I've had so far didn't feel right, although that might be more because we'd never done it than due to something strange about the rules.

Believe it or not, I do own Top Secret, but had never used it nor even read the manuals. I've had it since I was a teenager, but shortly after getting it, the gaming group I was in broke up and I didn't do table-top gaming for years so it just sat in my loft. I brought it with my to the US though, so I'll have to see if I can find that matrix. The idea sounds pretty cool.

Ran another sessions last night, went pretty well. Not impressed with the existing chase rules, will have to find something else spycraft/top secret. The highlight was when Judge Reinhold did a bike wheelie attack on someone shooting out the back of ambulance, killed them and land his front wheel in the back, so his lawmaster was being towed by the ambulance climbed off an proceeded through the back of the ambulance, which I thought was a pretty cool manoeuvre.

Unfortunately Judge Trinity then decided to shot the driver of said ambulance, hmmm, the rookie nearly bit the dust and the ambulance crashed into a shop!!!.

Other highlight was a shot-out in the Warehouse; damn blitz agents are hard and gave the party a run for there money. Originally I was concerned by the numbers attacking the rookies, but the party unleashed there fury on the perps, Judge Trinity got a very nice instant kill (20,20, hit) and after 2 rounds of rapid fire HE and AP, and a superb use of a grenade round (killed 4 guys with 2 rounds) the perps went from 18 to 4 and strangely enough surrendered.

So we have just the last section to go, which I must admit I have my concerns about and think the last encounter could be the downfall for a few rookies!!!
Heh, sounds like a lot of fun was had all round. You actually got through a large chunk of the adventure if you got through the whole warehouse scene and everything between it and the chase. How long did that session run for?

I know I do not run as fast a game as others since we were previously getting caught up on rules discussions, but since I want to go for story above rules the next time I run it (this Saturday), I'm trying to gauge how long other people spend to give me a target.

I know it all depends on the actions of your players, but I'm still curious. If you don't want to post too many spoilers, drop me a PM with some more info.