Yet more rules queries.



If you attack someone with a weapon in your off-hand, you add half your stregth modifier. Is this rounded up or down? (I've been assuming it is up, but I'd like it clarified.).
If a character has multiple attacks as a result of a high enough BCS, can he still get an extra attack with a weapon in his off hand? If so, which of his CS's is the base for that attack?
Example. A 6th LVL Knight has BCS 6/1 (we'll ignore Str bonus).
Attacking with two-weapons is a -4 penalty, so effective CS is 2/-3.
That is +2 for the first attack, -3 for the second. If the knight has a weapon in his off hand, what CS does he use for that attack?
Also, several points in the rule book make reference to light weapons. I can't find any explanation of this in the core book. Smebody help!
You basically go by the core d20 rules. Since there are no feats in Lone Wolf, you either have a class ability for dual-wielding or you suck at it like everyone else. There are no iterative off-hand attacks unless your class ability says so. I'm surprised they didn't put a list of light weapons, you can check the d20 rules for that. It's basically small one-handed weapons, like dagger, rapier, etc. You take heftier penalties if you dual-wield two bigger weapons (sword/sword as opposed to sword/dagger).
The trouble is, I don't have core D20 rules! One of the things I like about this game is that you supposedly don't need any other rule books (I was put off Judge Dredd by the fact I'd have to fork out an extra twenty odd quid, doubling the cost.)
Thanks for the advice!
Now, can anyone tell me if it is possible (other than changing classes) to learn how to use weapons you don't have profficiancy with? I appreciate that this wouldn't happen often, and could imbalance the game if taken to extremes, but it seems reasonable that if a character could find a good teacher they may learn how to use new weapons.
Some classes allow you to gain new proficiencies as you level up, but there are no general rules to allow this. I too think it's reasonable for a character to learn to use a new weapon, provided he has a good teacher. How to do this would be up to the GM.

Or if you want d20 rules online (all cross-linked), go here:

Very handy site.

As for learning non-proficient weapons, I'd personally set out 3 requirements: finding someone proficient with it that is higher than your current level, spending a fair amount of time learning how to wield it, and using skill points to "buy" the proficiency. In other words, you forsake improving your natural abilities to learn something unnatural.

That's just me, though.

Keep in mind that Lone Wolf is a stripped down d20 game. So stuff like Attacks of Oppurtunity (as just one example) don't exist.