Ye Olde Drakh Question


I recently picked up a copy of the Drakh fleet book and a couple things stood out as funny, like the Fast Destroyer fluff saying it was as agile as the White Star but it really isn't and the Cruiser having an anti-fighter aft beam. Promptly I searched the Mongoose page and forums to see if there was any errata and noticed a few comments (like one on the aft HNC with the antifighter trait) but I couldn't find any solid errata or FAQ. So, my question(s) -

1. Is there a place I could find an exhaustive list of the typos and other corrections?

2. Has this fleet been updated with Armaggedon to "correct" statistics?



Uhhh ill be the bad guy here. youll ned someone else for the good guy.

Glaring mistakes get reworked normally with a FAQ.

Other things may stick around until the next expansion. The Var'nic in SFOS didnt get precise on the Ion Torps until Armageddon.

So if you want to play it hard, the LC has A-F on the aft beam, better for fleeing from WS.......

And fluff isnt always part of the rules. When you cinsider the Priority lvl system. Making it faster would have meant making it 1.5 raid....and a useless ship since it does not fit any of the 5(6) point costs existing.


The fluff-to-stats discrepancy wasn’t surprising, as I expected that it would be a priority level refit or just a case of "ignore the text, play the stats." I was just curious if it was such a situation or if it was an error.