X-Linked Weapons unlinked ???


Is anywhere in any book written, if linked weapons can be fired unlinked ?

For example, can the 6 Particle Beams on the Omega fired at 6 different targets ?
The idea with fire-linked weapons is to get the maximum punch from several smaller weapons. This also builds in redundancy so that there is no single point of failure. We have numerous real world examples.

You could fire only one of the weapons so that maybe you disable another ship rather than destroy it.

If a space going vessel has missiles, you could fire 1 per target. The US Navy F14 has a similar system called the Phoenix Targeting System. It can track up to 25 separate targets over a range of 250 miles and determine Friend or Foe to advise the Pilot what to do. The system is capable of tracking more targets, the F14 cannot engage more due to missile and gun limitation. The system is smart enough to attack fighters with missiles and advise the pilot to attack Bombers, Tankers and other aircraft with guns.

The same could be very conceiveable in B5.