Worst Convention Ever!


Hey guy's, just wanted to let you know that if you ever decide to go to a convention, don't go to Gen Con SoCal. What a huge disappointment. This convention get's smaller and smaller every year. Dealers are not showing up and the one's that are say the convention sucks.

The con doesn't provide adequate open gaming space or times. No flea market because that would offend the dealers that show up. Very few 'deals' or giveaways.

But if you wan't to play cards...well than you might find some fun. Just remember that it is only certain card games. Oh and by the way it's called, "The Best Four Day's in Gaming", only they were only open three days????????????? Confused yet? Angry yet? :evil:

Eric in Vegas
I hear ya!!!
Voltumna 2 frieds and myself were looking for ya at the con, sorry we did not get to play, we asked the organizers about a conan game, thay just looked at us funny, no mongoose products at all, i can find more stuff at my local shops,
i hope the conventions back east ate better,
The only worth thing out of that lousy event is that we found this movie:


It's pretty good!
That's why you should all come to Dragon*Con and game with me.

I've been asked to return with Star Wars as my Conan game this past year wasn't a big hit (unfortunately), but its a good con for gaming, lots of RPGs, miniatures, CCGs etc.

Dragon*Con 2006

Hi Eric from Martin in Perth (LokiOne) ...

I really enjoyed your previous postings/ contributions ... I recall that they were adventure hooks and magical items. etc.

I'm currently working on Khitai? Kusan and Iranistani regions. Does Anyone have any quotes or quips from these regions from the novels ???
I forget to mention - that one of the most memorable conventions that I've ever been to was GenCon 1988, in Milwaukie USA.

I bought the then newly released West End Games STARWARS RPG, and a host of other stuff. I played in an Ad&D Open, Ogre, Tekumel and spent a whole day alone pawing over products and miniatures in the Great Exhibitors Hall (About 60 companies ...).

Long Time Ago in a Galaxy, far - far away now .... What year is it again?
I was recently toying with the principles of the 'old' West End Games StarWars game mechanics with the 'd6 System'. It could be quite possible to rework it into the Diffuculty Class system for the Conan RPG ...

I've some revolutionary ideas for a much easier to run, flexible and simplistic Combat System using the principles of this old D6 System.

I am sure that there's a whole host of experienced GM's that can figure out what I have in mind.

Hint: in the StarWars game you could CHOOSE whether to fire either 1,2, 3 or even more shots or attacks at a target/ combatant. Each extra go 'cost' the character 1 dice less from their total skill with a weapon ...

Can you imagine multiple blows within the Conan RPG, without all the PC template charts, multitudinous Feats and referrals ???

Sorta fits OK with the same principle of DC's for every task too. Hmmmmmm ... Still at the paperwork and experimentation stage though.

Send me your personal email address and I will try to get you some stuff on Kosala, Vendhya and Uttara-Kuru.

Eric in Vegas
Thanks Eric ...

LokiOne is also at <marticon@tpg.com.au>

Make sure that You put a meaningful message title in when you reply, so that I don't bin it accidentally as Spam mail (Something that a Conan GM like Me would recognize!)

I'll send you some of my imaginative creations to digest as well - although I will post some contributions on The Forum as well when I think that My Stuff is good enough ....

Cheers - Martin from Perth

aka LokiOne

PS: I also love the experimental material on (Ancient) Atlantis ala Kull, etc. I also have a hankering for the isolated areas such as Khitai/ Kusan, Meru, Wan Tengri, etc .... (forgive the spelling 'cos I aint got me sourcebooke 'andy)
I was there from sat-sunday. Gen Con socal does kinda suck. i cancelled my internet orders for all my conan stuff and when i got there there wasn't one mongoose book in site. no local lfgs vendor booths, it's more of a ccg con for sure. though the auction is always good. i scored the whole line of Al-Qadim boxed sets for sixteen bucks. i was happy about that.

If you can make it out to the bay area KublaCon is spectacular lots of vendors good deals and auctions. but the focus for KublaCon os on Gaming for sure anything and everything. best four days of gaming ever seriouslly i was bummed when i left.

heres a link http://www.kublacon.com/