Why does Nemedia always get the short shrift?


The map is oh so way off on Nemedia.

The "Border Mountains" are significantly too far to the east, making Aquilonia even more of a giant than it is, and scrunching Nemedia top something smaller than Brythunia (wheras the two should be about the same).

This also screws up the borders for the Border Kingdom, Ophir, and Corinthia.

The mountains should be moved west about 350 miles (!), to where they would run just north of Ianthe and only about 50 miles east of Tarantia. This would place the border between Nemedia and Aquilonia properly as a line descending directly south from the southwestern edge of the border kingdom to a point just slightly north and west of Ianthe (though in the mountains the border was ever uncertain). The Nemedian cities also need to be completely resituated. IIRC, Belverus and Numalia are both on the Road of Kings, though Hanumar could be just about anywhere near the middle of the country.

Will this be fixed in Road of Kings?

Also, why was the old GURPS Conan map chosen for the baseline for the new map, and not the (IMO much superior, if still inaccurate) map from the Hyborian War PBM game? There's also a German map of the Thurian continent floating around out there that shows everything from the Pictish Wilderness to Khitai imposed on a modern map of the Eurasian and African continents (it even includes Mu, as Australia).

Of course, the Black Kingdoms also got scrunched a good bit, too. Of course, if it is a Mercator projection map, it could be explained away readily as under such everything north of the equator seems larger than it is, and everything south of the equator smaller than it is...


James, if you take a look at any 'real world' maps (being a Classical History Major, I get to look at incredibly inaccurate maps constantly;) from ANtiquity or the Middle Ages, you will find that they are grossly inaccurate and almost invariably stress the cartographer's POV. If you imagine the map drawn from an Aquilonian cartographer's perspective, it makes more sense!

Having said that, I think you're right: in the absolute scale of things, I think Nemedia is getting short shrift; since its the most "classical" of the Hyborian Kingdoms, Im a bit biased tho'...