Who watches the show?


how many people here have watched Babylon 5 :?:

i`m not asking this to start a pi$$ing contest between those who have and have not seen the show, depending on where you live in the world you might have good access to it, or worse, none at all!! :shock:

speaking as a B5 fanatic, who is not into RPGs ( which begs the question why am i here? answer: because it`s B5, silly!!! :wink: ), i would think that watching the show would be of great benefit for the players.

what say you? :)
I watched the show when it was on TV. Of course I started a new job on season 5 so I did not see every episode that year. But I am getting the dvd and watching them.
I followed it through the seasons when it was first aired here in Sweden. Me and a friend of mine had sci-fi Sundays as Star Trek: TNG and B5 was on together Sunday afternoons.

I have now gotten my wife hooked and we are buying the DVD-boxes as they come out. :)
Major viewer, me. Caught a copy of the pilot sent over from the US back in 1993/4 (?). Watched every season religiously, season five less so, as I lost track of the telepath storyline a bit. Big fan of the spin-off movies (less so River of Souls), and loved the Anna Sheridan and Sinclair books. I also liked the Centauri Prime Trilogy (Peter David rocks), but was a bit disillusioned with the Technomage Trilogy.

And as for fandom stuff, I'll just keep my mouth shut about conventions and things. Yes, Zathras thinks that is best... :wink:

As far as watching the show benefitting the players, I think it's a yes and no thing. It all depends on how canon your game is going to be too. That's why I put together Tantalus, so if I ever get time to run a B5 game, I can dip in and into the show, without it feeling like the show is being re-run as a game. Some people like the familiarity of that, some don't.

All part of life's rich pattern... :)
Didn't enjoy the show when it first came out but caught it later and it caught my interest. Later, when Sci-Fi channel started putting it on nightly, I'd tape it during the week and have friends over for a Babylon 5 night on Friday and we'd watch all of the episodes.

Lots of fun.

I'm looking forward to getting the DVDs (when I can afford it) and watching the whole series again.
Watched the show from start to finish first time round..loved it, and still do. And have all the DVD's of the series to date.
I never missed an episode when it aired over here in the UK. I have them all on purchased video and am buying the DVD box sets, and I watch them quite often.
I watched it when it first aired, recording them all as I went. When it moved to TNT, I re-watched & re-recorded the show, trying to edit out the comercials. I screwed up on more than a few episodes (not getting off pause in time as teh show came back on or forgot to alltogether!
The 2nd run through on TNT I finaly got all the episodes recorded as well as all the movies. When it moved to Sci-Fi I still watched it till it went to early mornings....

Now that the DVD's are comming oput, I've seen season 2-4 3 times on DVD (season 1 I've seen twice, my least favorite season)
I've seen the pilot DVD about 6-7 times...
I was at university, with no TV (and no time or TV!) when it came out in the UK, but a friend at home diligently recorded them all and at the end of term we would pass the weekend watching all teh episodes I had missed.

Great days!
I only started watching B5 when the season 1 DVD set came out, as my wife was a big fan, I never watch TV, unless its a documentary. It really grab me (having a major in social sciences lending to me loving all the political interaction) and have watched every season (except 5) and the Pilot/In the Beginning DVD. :)
I have watched it several times and two of my three players have also watched the show a couple of times.

I will buy the DVD's when I can afford it, so I can watch it whenever I want :D
And bTW I am not RPG er either but I have kept up with the release of all the books and bought all of them as they came out I find them quite informative.
watched em all...taped em all...buying the DVD's.

I think watching B5 is great for GM's - not so great for players, at least not in advance. I'd kill to have a group to play with who didn't know what the Shadows were, or who Mr Morden is...


iv been watching it since mid season 1 when I got to meet Michael Ohare at a convention and heard about this new TV show.... and I have seen every episode since... I own seasons 1-4 on DVD... I own the Premier and In the begining on DVD.. I have all the other movies on Tape... I have Crusade on Tape and will buy it on DVD.....

just remember ... Ivonova is always right.. Ivonova is god
I watched it in Australia when it was on TV (at 1am once every three weeks), bought all 67 VHS tapes including spin offs, and am now buying it on DVD as it comes out. I'm a huge Babylon 5 fan.

As for the RPG, I know a lot about the series, so I can GM well. However, most of my players know nothing about it. I like this as it makes the storyline a mystery. They don't know who the Shadows are and are freeked out when they make an appearence. The events in the series are a surprise!
Major B5 fanatic here.

Watchen them all on german TV, taped 'em, was dissatisfied with the translation and got all the videos too, now slowly being replaced by the DVD boxes. Also purchased everything else B5 I could get my hands on - books, games, comix, etc. and went through the Internet in the search for untold meagabytes of fan-made CGI...
I just can't get enough of B5! :wink:
I watched it when it was on TV here. I went to a couple of conventions and was lucky enough to shake Jerry Doyle's hand and be kissed by Andrea Thompson!

I kind of lost interest when the series ended and didn't see the TV movies or much of Crusade.

The RPG has re-invogorated my interest so such an extent that I've been buying the DVDs, books, movies etc.