Which nation/regionbook would you like to see next?

Which nation/regionbook would you like to see next?

  • Cimmeria

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  • Corinthia

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  • Hyrkania / Turan

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  • Khitai

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  • Kush / Black Kingdoms

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  • Khitai

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  • Nordheim

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  • Vendhya

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  • Zingara

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Ok, so we know that Stygia and Shem are the next 'big boys' in line. But which nation/region would you like to see covered after them?

Note: I didn't want to include all Hyborian nations in the poll, so I focused on those most likely to be published. For example, I don't think Argos is going to get it's hardcover ever, as almost everything worth talking about is already covered in Messantia.

EDIT: It was hard to decide between Hyrkania/Turan and Vendhya, but I think I would prefer the former (and Vendhya right after that).
While I really wish the Black Kingdoms supplement was more like the Aquilonia book, ie; a book solely dedicated to information on the region rather than a collection of adventures with regional info on the side, I suppose that it's existance means we're not likely to get anything more concrete for some time to come.

That being the case, I would really love to see regional books on Turan and Hyrkania. And while I do understand if Mongoose decided to cover both areas in the same book, I would almost think that a seperate book for each, and one more for the Vilayet sea would be in order. These are such huge areas to cover, and there's so much potential for development of each of these areas, I feel that to do them proper justice requires several volumes. But then, I'm not the one who has to actually write the bloody things, am I :D
Hmm... The locations I'd like to see more on would be Hyrkania/Turan, Nordheim and the Black Kingdoms.
I think my vote will have to go to Black Kingdoms though; I loved Tales of the Black Kingdoms, but I want more goddammit! :D

(I just hope they don't go to crazy with the dinosaurs... :wink: )
Hyperborea would be fine! Or Zamboula (but please not as a box!)

Cimmeria should imho be left as the mysterious homeland of Conan. IIRC REH let his characters talk about Cimmerians as people who stay at home, don't go travelling (Conan being the great exception) and are a little bit xenophobic: so there is nobody going out of Cimmeria nor someone going in. Ergo: why a Cimmeria sourcebook?
I think Turan would make for an excellent counterpart to Aquilonia and the Pictish Wilderness. After all these 3 kingdoms will make history (according to Howard's essay - the Hyborian Age).
Khitai would be great too because this nation seems to be quite powerful but Howard didn't developp it much. But there is a lot of history there because the Stygians are originating from there.
And I put Zingara and Argos in 3rd position because there is so much to do there as well.
Nah, Khitai is somewhere in the lower middle of my "I want it now, dammit!" list. Just give me Hyrkania and Vendhya and I'm a very happy boy... for some time ;)
By Ymir's frozen beard, give me more of the Nordheimer and Aesir/Vanir!

To heck with you lesser races. ;)

Of course more Zamoria is good too, since my campaign is in Zamoria/Shadizar etc.

I am using some stuff from Turan so I suppose I'd go for a book on that too.
I actually voted for Corinthia. But my -very close- second choice was Zingara. So I'm really hoping for both.

Corinthia has a lot of potential considering it's a Greece hybrid of independant city-states. I could run a hundred campaigns in just Corinthia with all that open land and independant states not on speaking terms with each other.
I imagine you could easily describe it either way, in concerns to the structure of the country - it's a large expanse of land populated by independant city-states. That pretty accurately describes certain periods of both Italy -and- Greece.