Which model can't you wait for?

Which model can't you wait for?

  • Tanker

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  • Plasma

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  • TAC Fighter

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  • Marauder Ape

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  • Brain Bug

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  • Core Company Troopers

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  • Skinnie Raiders (plastics)

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  • Skinnie Militia (plastics)

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Voted Tac Fighter, but I'm really more interested in getting my hands on the WASP pack troopers and Sprites to finish my power armor platoons. Of course, I want the Marauders the most but I can wait for them (since it's only a few more weeks now).
Hey, where's the CHickenhawk? I know that not too many ppl are pumped about it, but I sure am! Second choice would have to be M8s I guess
I'd vote for the Chickenhawk.

Its not my favourite model but it is one of my favourite units. I Want! I Want now!!! :)

Keith Mc
I hate you! :p

I want almost all of them, so I had to choose... Plasma I think. But I really want the Marauder, the Chickenhawk, the Tanker, the TAC (flyers rule the showcase) too...
Plasma Bug. I am even now searching around to obtains some phospherant paint to give it that just launched feeling...

and then those Core Troopers. So I can have some movie action.... MI are too 'space mariney' for an old Imperial Guard man like me :D
Ripplers. Ripplers. Ripplers.

They are fantastic in the CGI. I'm going to knock up a couple using plasticene to make molds and latex and plaster to cast them in/with. Plus the spare legs from the warriors. I want lots of ripplers. Swarming. Great.