When is Ancients gonna hit the shelves?

Hey guys just wanted to know when Ancients is going to be out. I have no problem with the delay, especially if it's gonna make the book better. I was just wondering when it's new due date is.

This; for me, is your companies second most awaited book. Hope it comes out great.
It's only been two days, Rikki. We have been awfully busy....

Someone will get back to your question as soon as possible, I am sure.

I, too, am most eagerly awaiting this book. The concept is very cool, and I'm hoping the execution is as good! So I second the plea:

I much prefer ancient scenarios rather than say, medieval scenarios. I just hope-hope-hope that it's done well ... (No, I'm not stuttering.)
Hi there,

Steampunk did, unfortunately, hit some serious delays in development. However, it is now full steam (ahem) ahead, and should be out an about at the end of next month. Apologies for the delay there, but I think you will find it worthwhile. . .