What type of game do you usually play?

How do you usually play

  • SFOS campaign

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  • SFOS one off/tournament

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  • Tourney list campaign

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  • Tourney list one off/tournament

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  • ACTA campaign

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Hi all,
a sequel poll to the which fleet question. So now we know that most people play EA what type of games do we mostly play. Campaign is for people who play campaigns. One offs are for people who play games without worrying about repairs and the next battle, just pick a fleet and attack, this also counts if you play mostly in tournaments. SFOS do you use the SFOS fleets. Tourney List do you use the tournament lists. ACTA do you use the A Call to Arms list (you know, the ones that came in the box).
The only game I actually played was a one off using the tourney list. I'd be more interested in using the SFoS list in future, though, as all the best variants are on there...
I've not gotten a campaign up and running yet, so it's all one-offs for me. Slightly more towards SFOS lists than Tourney.
mostly campaign games for me, althoguh never actually finished one, as we keep getting new rules, and players dropping out or coming in, and we never seemto get past turn 4... guess what turn we have been stuck on for 3 weeks . . . . .
I played only ACTA Fleet one-offs so far (sometimes with a bit of roleplaying involved) , but we will start a campaign using the SFOS fleet lists next week hopefully.

I usually play in a SFOS campaign - but this will probably be upgraded with whatever goodies argameddon brings. Of course we need to fully finish said campaign first :lol:
one-offs using tourney stats. I think they have batter balance overall, though there are some needs to be addressed.

I voted for a Tournament list campaign, but that's actually pretty inaccurate. My normal game these days is a playtest of whatever needs tested :lol:

My usual list is a much-modified Shipviewer list of Armageddon-updated SFoS/Tournament List mix with RBax ships from his Dilgar War PDFs.

And a cherry on top.

Usually we just play one offs. Something like 10+ at War level :D We only play with rules that can be found in books(IE SFoS etc..).
Well were playing a tourney list campaign at the moment but I play alot of one offs using the tourney rules too when nothing else is going on :)
I usually play demoes, using SFOS. I don't have any regular ACTA players in Lexington, KY.

If you ARE playing ACTA in Lexington, let me know! :)

So it seems SFOS one offs is the most popular followed distantly by tourney one offs. May go a long way to explaining why many think tourney stats more balanced as most people only play one offs and SFOS is more balanced in campaign.
Would prefer to play campaign over one-off, but difficult to get the commitment out of other players.

Only use SFOS lists out of personal preference. I like the fact that ACTA has a technological gradient, and some fleets are better than others. it's the way it should be. Tourney list is designed to iron out these differences, which takes away from the character of the game. Precision balanced fleet lists are necessary for serious competition, but are fundermentally less interesting than imbalanced lists (imbalanced, not broken).

Just an opinion of course.
Just curious what races you play Nightmares, which scenarious. I know some of the more one sided scenarios were requested banned from our current campaign due to the one sidedness/pointlessness of the exercise. What counts as unbalanced vs broken.