What the heck is wrong with pets!!



Sheesh bring a couple of dogs to battle and they die in the most horific fasion. So lets see...

1.Hates pets
2.No tumbling
3.Hates "monk" types
4.Loves monkeys

hmmm. sounds like this person has a problem lol just kidding Dr. Skull lol

I got it!! Since your passion for monkey overrides all of your thought process here is goes!! My newest creation!!

Name: Rawhide Kid a.k.a Chang Chim'pang'zee of the order of the organ grinder
Race: Khitai
Class: Sorcerer-5/ Sorcerer of the Scarlet Circle-10
Feats:Improved Unarmed, Defensive Martial Arts, Brawl..feel free to add more
Skills: Tumbling 18 ranks
BUT here is the best part..
4 Grey Apes as pets...oooo one very scary individual lol

perfectly acceptable lol