What should I get?


Anyways I worked a bit of overtime this last week combined with my expenses being less than expected so I'm planning on getting the B5 core book with my next paycheck.

Anyways I obviously can't afford all the suppliments(especially with all my hobbies) so I'm curious what suppliments you've all found worth getting and which ones I'm probably best off avoiding and why.

As it is, as well as the core rulebook I'm planning on getting the guide to the Narn Regime(any of you who've seen me over at the Call to Arms section of the board know I'm a Narn loyalist). Beyond that though I'm not sure what I'm looking for.
The zocalo for equipment
EA book if you are setting it in EA territory (not entirely essential)
Centauri book if you are running a centauri or Narn-Centauri game.
Likewise the Minbari book for Minbari.
Psi Corps if you want to involve them in any way other than as non-interactive NPC's
If there's a book about the aspect of the game you want to incorporate, get iot. Other than that, all the supplements are good.

Well I just ordered the B5 core rulebook as well as the Narn Regime book. I almost didn't(The Brainbug and Tanker for Starship Troopers really tempted me) but since I won't have a chance to play ST for at least a month I figure I'll get those later.
I think the Zocalo is really the only "essential" supplement you need.

Simply for stats and figures.

The rest you can get as needed or watch the show! :p
I hear the brainbug calling to me though. It's saying "Buy me. And a tanker to protect me by frying those silly Mobile Infantry."

But then I hear the telepaths saying "Buy some B5 books. And a Narn and EA fleet for Call to Arms".

Or maybe that's just me having too many things I want and not enough money. :D
And my books arrived just now. Too bad I have to go to work soon. Oh well, I'm in projection tonight so I can read them upstairs.