What points to start an escalation league at?

How many points should the escalation league start at?

  • 500 points

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Working up the rules for the escalation league that will start at Brookhurst Hobbies and I wanted to get people's opinion on starting points.

Basically here is the order of escalation:

Weeks 1-3 - 500 or 750 points
Weeks 4-6 - +500 points
Weeks 7-9 - +500 points
Weeks 10-12 - +500 points

In the end you will have a large painted army you can play with!

Question is, can games of SST be very playable at 500 points for three league nights? Or would 750 points be a bit more flexible. Please vote in the poll and make comments, suggestions.



I went for 750 points... I think 750 to 1000 points is the best place to start, personally. It's usually not all that expensive. Bugs have it the worst but they always have the cost-wise problems... But even so 1000 points is what. 30 warriors, 1 tanker and 1 brain? For a PL2 1000 point force. Not all that bad. That's around $130 or so, about the same as an MI player I'd think.

But anyway: I'd say 750 or 1000 points. That'll run you around $100-$150 depending on just how you build your force. And it's enough to have an entertaining game.
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My suggestion, make the league at least 750pts. I don't think a player can actually field a legal force of power armoured MI for 500pts.

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Sgt. Brassones

I voted for 750. I tried making a 500 pt. Skinnie army and using a General he and a minimum number of Elite Guard are half the points. Question: will we be able to change our roster or only add to it?

A player can actually create a power armoured force for under 500pts. As an Arachnid player it didn't initially occur to me that the points cost for the MI were decreased when the MI Army Book released.

Even still, I wouldn't suggest starting out at 500. 750 would be better.



Banded Mongoose
I cant see starting at 500, unless you had to and you used 4X4 boards.

750 is the way to go, and a bug player can realllly lower the cost and still be very effective if he simply uses tunnel assets. also Id remove the point restrictions on PL for arachnids, as otherwise every player will be PL1 for some time and wont have any access to tankers or brains, which is a popular item... and warriors are often lacking in people's forces.


Sgt. Brassones said:
Question: will we be able to change our roster or only add to it?

If you want to change your roster you can, but keep in mind that any changes at the next point increase need to be painted. So yes, you can increase, decrease, or swap out a unit during the next points jump, but inbetween you will be stuck with what you have.


I've been running an escalation league at my FLGS for a few weeks now. I started off at 350 points for one reason: everyone but bugs can buy one box of models and start playing. That's an easy way to get people that are taking part in demos to actually start playing the game. (and an easy starter for a bug player is a Warrior Mega-swarm and an infiltrator bug.)

We play every other week with each league night jumping up by 350 points. One box of models every other week? Even I can afford that.

For the first two league nights, the MI and Skinnies will be hard pressed to field a legal force so they've been allowed the following exceptions. MI: One squad minimum with no NCO required. Skinnies: No leader required (but I'd recommend having the skinnie player pick a leader he's going to get and use that leader's PL and restrictions)

Week1: 350points. Getting to know the rules.
Week3: 700points. Diversify! Your skinnie raiders can't deal with a CHAS!
Week5: 1000points. Many new toys, learning how important PL really is.
Week7: 1350points and higher. Getting that one new unit that you can't live without!

That's the plan anyway. Do you want to know more?