What nation do you want to see next?

Which nation sourcebook would you like to see released next?

  • Nemedia

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  • Corinthia

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  • Ophir&Koth

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  • Zamora

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  • Cimmeria&Nordheimer&Hyperborea

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  • The Black Kingdoms

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  • Turan & Hyrkania

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  • Iranistan&Vendhya

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  • Khitai

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  • Brythunia

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Now that Shem and Argos&Zingara are being released soon, I was wondering what people here would like to have as the next nation sourcebooks. For me, I would love to see the barbarian nations(Cimmeria, Nordheimer, Hyperborea, Black Kingdoms) next, they are rife with adventure possibilities.
I would like to see Turan/Hyrkania next.

As for the others, I think some of them could possibly be grouped together: The North (Cimmeria, Nordheim, Hyperborea), Hyboria (Nemedia, Brythunia, Corinthia, etc.). Zamora already has The Shadizar box set which kinda works. I haven't read through the Black Kingdoms adventure so I don't know how much info on the region there is.
I'm the only one to vote for Khitai. Hmm. I could see Cimmeria and Nordheim, or even Hyrkania, but I guess I'd just prefer to have more info on the far east.
Ah, what a question! Of the Hyborian nations I think that I would like to see Nemedia get a decent treatment, plenty of potential there plus the Nemedian Adventurers are hard-core 8)

Vhendya/Iranistan is also a gold mine of adventure material though I am not sure that these should be in the same book :? More appropriate would be Vhendya/the other Hymalian lands (Afgulistan, Kusan, mountain tribsmen) and then maybe lump Iranistan in with Shem.

However in the end I voted for Turan/Hyrkania. Not only is it an evocative landscape with plenty of material for a campaign but I love the foreshadowing of conflict between them and the western nations!

North! Go north young Vincent! :lol:

We need to cover the lands north for the RPG to be complete and after my first adventure none of my players have ventured there. I hope the Northern countries are all combined in one volume - regardless of page count. I think it would be a great read.

Turan/Hyrkania second. Then good old ink-stained Nemedia.
I voted for The Black Kingdoms as that is my favorite region (besides pictland, which has already been done) and it has tons of potential. Would really, really love a Turan/Hyrkania book too, though; that would definitely be my second choice.

Something on Nemedia would also be interesting, although I'm not sure I'd be interested in a whole 160 page sourcebook on just that nation. Perhaps it could be lumped together with a couple of the other central Hyborian nations (Corinthia, Brythunia, Ophir, Koth)?
The best answer is to ask first Vincent what he already sent to Mongoose that is not already published nor scheduled.
The only country sourcebooks of mine Mongoose has not published yet are Argos & Zingara and Shem.

I voted for Turan/Hyrkania. The Black Kingdoms would be my second choice.
I favor Iranistan and Vendhya for the following reasons. Firstly, it will ideally limit the "cut and paste" method of book creation, as not as much material has been released about Iranistan and Vendhya. They can fit in the same book, because they are reasonably close and tied together by trading routes. Throwing some of the smaller Golden Kingdoms in, like Kosala, would fill the book out incely and they practically haven't been touched.

To really make it complete, throw in the Himelian Mountains with the savage Afghuli. Turan would also influence much of the book, as they are looking to counquer both the countries. There is fertile advenutre for adventure here.
I would like to Turan & Hyrkania, and voted accordingly. I would like to also at some point see a book on Nemedia, Ophir, Corinthia, Brythunia, and Koth, and for that book to really help differentiate each of those lands from one another (and other lands like Argos).
got to be the black kingdoms as the adventures really got the creative juices flowing 8) then the kingdoms of the north as a close second as would love some maps and adventures based on the witch men 8)
I also voted for Turan, because this is a major nation of the Hyborian age and also because it is much covered by Howard.

Zamora would also be good because of the already published boxed set.
I voted for the northlands, since it is such a fascinating place, but seems to get short shrift by REH in terms of printed material. I have to say that one of my favorite Conan books (ok a pastiche) was Conan the Valorous, by John Roberts Maddox.

The Cimmerian Tribes, the proto-Vikings, and the proto-Finnish Hyperboreans and their death cults are absolutely fascinating.
It'd be cool if not only source books would be released, but also accompanying adventure books a la TotBK (the leading German RPG does so since a few years and they are very successful doing this).
René said:
It'd be cool if not only source books would be released, but also accompanying adventure books a la TotBK (the leading German RPG does so since a few years and they are very successful doing this).
That's what I am asking for since the first regional book series (with the Picts), that is at least one adventure provided with the books.
As I already pointed out some times ago Conan RPG is lacking some adventures (and at least a campaign or 2).