What kind of fleet do you like to run?

What kind of fleet do you like to run?

  • A swarm of smaller ships

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  • A few big ships with escorts

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This is something I was thinking about with all the discussion of fleets and what ships to use and so on, what kind of fleet do you find yourself making for CTA (or any other ship game for that matter)?

In my case I go for a central ship (either a DN or BB or CVH) with a couple of cruisers for the weak spots (CA, CL, mebbe an SC) and then the smaller escorts and fighters in there as well (FF and DD mainly).

For example a fleet I used in a campaign recently was as follows:

Avenger Carrier (the main ship)
Orestes System Monitor (a heavy hitter)
3 Nova Dreadnoughts (one of the types of cruisers)
2 Hyperion Heavy Cruisers (the other crusier type)
Oracle Scout Cruiser (the fleet scout)
Sagitarius Missile Cruiser (this is more of a light cruiser to the Hyperion and Nova which can both be thought of as Heavy Cruisers)
? Artemis Heavy Frigate (one of the escort types, I forget how many I had right now)
? Olympus Corvettes (the other escort type, I think I had at least one in there)

I'm interested to see how people build, and I'm sure most of the people you play against have already seen how your fleets are so they kinda have an idea of how to deal with them before seeing your answers. And in one or two cases I already know the answer to the question, but that person shall remain................tamcoan. :wink:
I prefer a fleet of 'lighter' cruisers for my EA, mainly Hyperions in both raid and skirmish configurations, backed up by 1 or 2 Nova's and the occasional Omega depending on the size of the game.
Given that all I have is ISA I suppose it depends on the scenario...I have my choice of swarms of White Stars, swarms of fighters or one really big Victory (and swarms of White Stars)...
i really like the nova omega and hyperion so think i woude like to have a fleet were most off my points are spent on does withe maybe a carrier and some screen
I play a lot of fleets;

Minbari, I'm Warship heavy. All those jummy War choices.
Centauri, I like Vorchans, and more Vorchans, often with a carrier for fighter support and primus' (primi?) when I can afford it. The Centauri seem to have too many good Skirmish/Raid choices to choose from.
Earthers really depends what I am facing, but I always try and have a couple of Hyperion's or Omega's though the odd Nova makes an appearance. I do not tend to bring a carrier as Omega's or the odd Nova bring enough fighters. I found the Warlock to be generally inferior to 2 Omega's - though it does make for a nice heavily defended target.
Narn, G'Quan and Ka'Toc's are pretty sound, sprinkle with a frigate or two or three to bring some more mines for anti-fighter work. However, the Bin'Tak is just too good to ignore when you have a war point to spend.
Drazi, swarms of light craft (not like you get much choice).
League, really depends what you need doing, but I try and fit in a couple of Avioki's and a carrier.
Shadows/Vorlons/ISA/etc not played enough of to say there is a ship I must have (except maybe white stars).

So I guess what fleet make-up I choose really depends on what toys I have and what I want it to do. But I definitely have some favourite toys.
I've noticed that Shadows and ISA kinda tend towards the "big ship with escorts" choice in my poll, although both of those fleet and Vorlons get forced into the "small ship swarm" at lower priority levels.

As far as why I build fleets the way I do is due to two things:
1. a lot of World War 2 footage on the History Channel, seeing the stuff about battleship and carrier groups.
2. I tend to be more interested in the Dreadnoughts and the Battleships and the other big ships you find out there.
Since the release of SFoS, I have become disenchanted with the idea of a Carrier Taskfleet. I voted for the Cruisers, such as 4 Hyperions and a Nova for a 5pt Raid Game, or 2 Kaliva Lance Cruisers and 2 Ikortas for the Brakiri. I find myself outflanked most games, compounded by the fact that I cannot roll Initiative to save my life. Its just that I can't stand committing fragile Skirmish ships to action, much less the dinky Patrol Cutters. On the other spectrum, I can't see a Warpoint being worth two Battlepoints, so Capital Warships are not admirable to me.

As far as Braikiri go, armed with only my Fleet Box, I am stuck with my Avioki/Kaliva Cruisers as being the backbone of the line.

As the new EA ships roll out, I am looking forward to making a 5pt Warfleet of Hull 6 Cruisers and Frigates, and the Delphi Scouts. Such as 4x Apollo, 2x Omega, 2x Delphi, and 4x Chronos. I love those Missles, probably a product of the Honor Harrington series.
I have to confess to being a 'bigger is better' type, even with the changes to the Poseidon I will still use one as the Flagship of my fleet, augmented by a couple of Avengers. I won't use a carrier in every game since my absolute favorite choices are Omegas, Novas, and my Hyperion Wolf Pack (min 3, max 6) though I am starting to use my 2 Warlocks whenever it doesn't overbalance my force.

I am also building a Centauri Fleet w/a Balvarix as Flagship backed up by (right now) the Centauri Fleet Box set. After that I plan to get several Darkners, Dargans and more Vorchans.
As the new EA ships roll out, I am looking forward to making a 5pt Warfleet of Hull 6 Cruisers and Frigates, and the Delphi Scouts. Such as 4x Apollo, 2x Omega, 2x Delphi, and 4x Chronos. I love those Missles, probably a product of the Honor Harrington series.

hehe yeah i dig Honor Harrington to :D
Well I play Minbari, EA and ISA (though I dont have much ISA, just whitestars really :p)

In our current campaign my starting Minbari 10 pt Battle Fleet was:

3 Sharlins, 2 Tinashis, 2 Tigaras, 3 Torothas

Yes this may seem a bit top heavy but I just feel tha Minbari fleets SHOULD be warcruisers with some escorts. It just seems right :p

I was thinking of playing EA in that campaign and made a fleet list for them too:

1 Warlock. 4 Omegas, 2 Novas, 4 Hyperions, 2 Wings of Starfuries, 2 Wings of Thunderbolts

So as you can see I tend to favour the more Cruiser heavy versions.

In fact Id probably still favour that kind of fleet, (Octurion and Primuses with Vorchan Escorts) even playing the Centauri with all their lovely low pl choices :p
My previous post seems to have got lost...

Despite rumours to the contrary, I like running a fleet that's different to the last one I ran... having had a damn good go at the Drazi (swarm of hornets), and assorted League (a few big ships with lots of escorts) I'll be moving on to the Narn (pretty much cruiser happy) next. Maybe eventually I'll try the Minbari...

But I have to say, eventually, I always return to the Drazi swarm...

It always depends on how the race I'm flying is designed. I usually gravitate towards more hulls than most though. I never buy up in priority level as I see that as a waste.

If I fly drazi it's usually centered around skirmish level. I'll take a few cruiser hulls if it's a war level engagement. If I'm flying vree I'll do the "cruiser with escort" route. And a mix in between for every other race.