What is your favourite thing about the new Runequest?


What are your favourite things about the new Runequest?

Mine are:

The Gloranthan setting

The combat rules (though I think tweaking is in order)

The delicious depth and richness of the settings books (judging by the previews)
The overall simplicity (compared to some alternatives).

The fact I don't have to completely learn a new system (I'm used to CoC so there's a lot of BRP in both - of course there's also some new things to learn but I get a nice headstart).

The OGL (and logo licence) attached to it.

The ongoing support it looks like we'll be getting
Have to second that: I like the simplicity and I very much like the fact its going to be OGL and supported by a major gaming company.
I will be able to play my all time favourite RPG once again and I will not be the only one with any idea as to the wonder of Glorantha.

The fact that I ran the game at my FLGS and EVERYONE who played it has gone off and ordered a copy from the store owner, which is unheard of. So lots of new RuneQuesters to game with.

The fact it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.......
Mongoose Acolyte said:
The fact that I ran the game at my FLGS and EVERYONE who played it has gone off and ordered a copy from the store owner, which is unheard of. So lots of new RuneQuesters to game with.

We have certainly been very pleased (and a little surprised :)) by the number of not only orders, but re-orders, which are a good demonstration of demand. If things carry on like this, I think we might be looking at the second best selling RPG of the year (after D&D, natch). . .
I like the fact that it's simple. It looks easy to get into and that to me is a plus. And it fills my need for 'gritty' combat.

And the BIGGEST plus I have so far? A warrior type can actually kill his opponent in one blow!
Just to throw in something specific here, I like the new "action" and "reaction" mechanic. The strike ranks from previous versions worked, but this seems to be a good way to not only clarify and streamline that mechanic, but to also include some interesting tactical decisionmaking in the process.

For instance, the fact that you must burn a reaction to riposte is very nice. The player must then decide whether it is worth an extra attack to give up a block or parry. That's the sort of game mechanic that makes RPG combat fun: noncomplex, quick choices which have real tactical value in both directions.

Better yet, under the open license, I can see the "action" and "reaction" mechanics being a really nice hook to hang new game rules off of. For instance, certain monsters may have special abilities that can be used as a reaction.
I agree with the simplicity aspect...it took me just fifteen minutes to generate a character...gotta love that! Combat is fast and deadly...just like in real life. You have to think before you fight...the polar opposite of D&D (oh, I have 200 HP's...I can slay that army of orcs by myself!). Sure, heroic gaming like that has it's place, but for my money you get much better roleplaying from gamers with a potentially deadly, gritty combat system.

Also the spell system. Simple and elegant, classic BRP-type stuff. I love the fact that they've keep percentages for magic spells. In my mind, magic should never be so dependable as to not call for a roll and should also be challenging (for the character) to cast, demanding a skill score.

Also also, I'm personally not a huge fan of feats and such, they can be fun but often become the only defining aspect of a character for some players (which may say more about class and level systems, but hey...). Feats also become a bother to keep up with at higher levels. Sure, they're are Legendary Abilities in RQ, which I like BECAUSE they are legendary...you have to wait a while to get them and not every Joe Mercenary has them. Plus, they're expensive...I can see most players blowing through Hero Points before they buy those.

There's more but I've taken enough space...gotta go work on my first scenario!
The speed and simplicity are nice while still managing to create a satisfying gaming experience. Look at combat, for example - simple ways are built in to make it more than two people taking turns hitting each other. Without cumbersome details, the combat system rewards dynamic action.

The rest of the book is of the same spirit - just the right level of detail to be highly playable. Ultimately, from character creation to combat to rune magic, the way "RuneQuest" plays just feels right.
The simplicity of character design, basic and advanced skills, rune integration, and legendary abilities.

Combat is a lot faster now too, a small ecounter can be resolved in a few minutes rather than a few hours...
The disease rules have changed. The one thing I disliked about RQ2 and 3 was the characteristic-blasting disease rules which I always imagined hadn't been thought out at all - someone had just gone, "I know - diseases reduce your attributes!"
It's also a bit harder to get your arm chopped off. I thought it was too easy to lop off limbs in RQ2/3 especially if not much armour was worn.
the many settings which seem to appear with the OGL. RQ2-3 was good but "dying". Now with MRQ my favorite RP game was resurrected and lives more than ever. :)