What army do you use(More choices)

What army do you use?

  • Light MI

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  • Bug

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  • MI

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  • Pathfinders

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  • All types of MI

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  • Skinnie

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  • Other

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  • Air force of any race

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I actually play all of them, but my friends insist on playing as Mobile Infantry, leaving bugs to me... which sure as hell aint a bad thing :twisted:
Bugs rule! Okay the MI and LAMI are pretty cool too but there's just something about a gigantic bug with more knifes than a butcher.
I go with bugs. i've got reasons... I just played a game 10 min ago and COMPLETELY whipped out all MI without loosing 20 warriors out of 35 and my brain was still lurking behind a box. :oops: i dont use real terrain because i have none.. :(
I've only got 3 at the moment...ordered last week.

Two Bigfoots and an Ape.

I should have them painted within the week...and then I'm hoping to grab two Chickenhawks, another Ape and a Nighthawk. I don't plan on using the Nighthawk at the moment, but he's acting as a back up for as and when the 'Goose bring out more air units.
I'm on 4 Chickenhawks, 4 Apes, a Bigfoot and a Nighthawk at the moment. Gotta get another Bigfoot and some more Apes I think :)
Word on the street, Reborn, is that you're the Marauader King!
I'd like to get a whole platoon at some point but I'm currently having serious problems finding somewhere/someone to play...may not be worth me investing so much time and money into something that'll only get used once a year. :p
Well you're welcome at our club near Oxford, but it's probably an hour and a half at least away from London :p
Well, I'll see what I can do...I'm currently car-less, ergo, the train'll be my only route. Cheers for the offer! :D
I'm sure there's places in London, but I've got no idea where to start looking.