What about Sons of Magnamund?


hi guys

wat do you think about the idea of a "sons of magnamund" newsletter just the way it works with the conan rpg

it would be great to get the hot news from mongoose (august) directly and before any other "normal folks"

ups sorry

ok next try

for the conan rpg mongoose publ. created a special internet newsletter for fans of the rpg

august hahn sends the letter 1-2 times per month the all who are interested

in the mail you get a id and a passwort (one time use only)

on that special page you can visit (with your id) you can freely download adventures infos maps everything mongoose created which won´t make its way into a rpg book

some of the infos will be seen in S&P but not all

hope this is clearer :)
Well, in that case, I whole-heartedly agree!

How about a website with fan-created material all in one spot for folks to find, much like the old Lone Wolf d20 site we had back before Mongoose aquired the license?
Would such a newsletter include the Lone Wolf articles from S&P or just the stuff that doesn't make it into S&P.
Mmmm, I can understand your interest in such a system, but I strongly doubt it will ever happen. Why is that? Because "Sons of Cimmeria" was implemented in response to the high level (a flood really) of criticism Mongoose received concerning editing mistakes on the Conan core book.

Now, I'm still waiting for my copy, but from what I hear, the editing is almost perfect on this one. So - and I'm sorry to burst any bubble here - I doubt we'll see a "Sons of Magnamund" program. Don't forget that Mongoose is still a relatively small company (growing, yes), so they hardly have the ressources to build such a program for all their lines.
You chaps have pretty much hit it on the head. Before Lone Wolf was released, we were discussing the Sons of Kai in the office. Unfortunately, the Sons of Cimmeria has a high enough overhead and we could not do a reliable job for Lone Wolf as well.

Still, Mongoose is still growing, and you never know what the future might hold. . .
msprange said:
Still, Mongoose is still growing, and you never know what the future might hold. . .
I'm sure the boss will make me wrong in no time. And I'd be thankful for that. Yes I can't wait to be proven wrong ! :p 8)

Thanks Matt for the heads up.
Woot! Red can be wrong?

I would pay money for that... :p

Seriously though, if there is anything along this manner brewing or being thought of as an option you can count one fan as a subscriber.

Would it be possible for someone at mongoose to forward all relevant material to a volunteer, who would then compile it all into a single document and send it to whoever wants it on a regular basis?
It is getting worthwhile material that is the problem. . .

We would be happy for someone to compile fan-created information, and then perhaps we could format it as a PDF, add some artwork and put it on the web site for download as a semi-regular newsletter. . .
Well, I can volunteer for that too. How's about it folks?

Matt, would there be any special requirements that need to be meet before posted on the site? Obviously spelling and editing (which I can check on before passing it along), but anything else?

Andrew, I'm guessing you would be interested in this as well?
We would list it as fan-produced so, as long as the spelling and editing was there, I think we could be pretty open. Magnamund is a HUGE place and even with our best efforts, we are unlikely to cover everything - that is where you chaps come in!

And who knows - some of the best stuff might just make it to an official book. . .
Alrighty then. Well, I am certainly up for collating and proof-reading the material and then sending it on. Now, what things to include?

Obviously, we have our thread on monsters which we can draw from. Maybe class ideas, short stories, maybe a FAQ in which you guys answer some rules questions? Adventures (or adventure ideas)?

If you come up with anything, you can email me at eternalknight@dodo.com.au