What about an offi. LW campaign?


i´d liked to see something like a mongoose campaign for lw,
for characters level 1 till 20

something like a megaplot adventure series like my favorite

"wraith of the immortals" campaign from the old d&d series

will we see something like that in the future?

any comments about that idea?
I like campains.

But I like them even more if they contain source material that you can use again prehaps fleshing out a town or providing info on transport a new player class etc.

Actually a really good idea would be to do regional adventures like the books themselves. A nice colour map, story so far including expanded regional info. Mechanics prehaps introducing a new class herbs etc. Then the plot it's self either well fleshed out or with options a various points for a violent encouter turn to page XX. For a mercantile encounter turn to page XX with those pages containg potential encounters, NPCs etc.

That way you could tailor the adventure to the tastes of your party, hack n slash, problem solving etc, and it would allow you to adapt the encounters to the current state of the party. As long as certain milestones are met along the way it would provide a really adaptable adventure framework and it would be a great homage to the books. You could link several books together to form your epic.

Just thinking out loud. :wink:
Yes I'd be in for a fully fledged campaign, as I have way too many games on the back burner already and barely the time to GM. So any prep time I could save would be most appreciated.

I'd go for the format suggested by Winter Wolf. All he said is... the way to go, genius stuff really. A customizable campaign would give much flexibility. It's a give and take issue, though, as you must remember that the more branching paths offered, the less long the campaign will be as much space is taken by stuff you'll probably never use. Though it could be argued that these unused encounters could easily be recycled in any homebrew campaing, so it is almost a moot point.

If we ever see something like this, I guess it will be much later, though. Before that, they have many topics to cover, especially a Magic sourcebook. Not to parrot again, but I'm sure a few adventures will appear on S&P over the next couple of years. It's not the same as a campaign book, but at least it can give some respite to an overworked GM.
It's not like the game books you could actualy include the encounter at a different point same npcs different plot hook type of thing. The difference with the books is that you have GM to ensure that you don't hit the same encounter twice. Actually this is starting to sound more like a source book with detailed locations and NPCs and the adventure is actually built up of references to these in a game book style format. You could have assets which would be important items and peices of information and lore for the area which you could place yourself with different encounters... At best you would have a very flexible adventure and a source book of people, places, lore and items that you could reuse, but at worst you would have a tangled mess with loads of wasted bits. :?

I will try to adapt this to my Kalte adventure set in Northern Sommerlund just to see what I can do with it on a small scale. I'll keep you posted as to my progress. :wink:
Ah, I see exactly what you mean now.

It's certainly worth a spin. Would like to see how it would come out.
Methos said:
i´d liked to see something like a mongoose campaign for lw,
for characters level 1 till 20

something like a megaplot adventure series

Yes! It would definitely be a good idea. My opinion is that there is not enough "ready-to-run" adventures available out there.
I would LOVE a good adventure or two, or even (dare I hope) a full campaign as I suffer from a terrible case of Lazy-ass-GM-itis and an adventure would help alleviate my symptoms. :D