Western Campaign Setting: The Cursed Earth Or Texas City?


Hi Folks, does anyone know anything about plans to release a Texas City Guide?

we're thinking of doing a while in a western setting for one of our non judge campaigns. would we be better off doing it in the cursed earth or in texas city?
if possible i think we'd like to avoid the more radiation based stuff, so is texas city a plausible setting for a western (movie) type setting?

otherwise, i know very little about texas city, can anyone tell me anything?

any help or advice would be appreciated...
I'll respond to this post as well :)

All I know about Texas City, off the top of my head, is that they wear the same uniform as Mega-City judges, except they wear cowboy hats instead of helmets.

They broke from the Mega-Cities in the past as they used to be called Mega-City Three, but renamed themselves Texas City.

Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine. It would make an interesting guide, but I think it'll have to be a fan based project. There are so many other more important books that Mongoose needs to release before they do more city guides. Perhaps, if they do the "Judges of the World" book we keep asking for, they could include enough details about each of the cities, along with a full body color image of the uniform etc. You would also need details of the laws for that region, and the political stance in regards to the other cities.

Wow i'd love to read a judges of the world book.

there's just so much information out there, i'd love to get my hands on it...
Only Dredd storyline that I know of to go to Texas City was the Judge Child Quest. If memory serves, it was pretty much Old West, but... ya know... with spaceships.
From the little that has been published, I get the impression that the judges of Texas City are by no means as dedicated as their Mega City counterparts.
In the manner of Judge Dredd stories since the strip began, the Texans are a little stereotyped and firmly in the Good Ol' Boy mould. I imagine that if you portray them in the manner of an old southern sherrif - prejudices and all (you ain't from around here, are ya?) - it would capture their attitude quite nicely. Talk down to anyone who doesn't speak with a drawl.
Also - isn't the Missionary Man a former Texas City judge?
there have been a number of texas city judges in the dredd comics one of wich is presantly in comand of luna 1 as i do not believe they have changed that yet look it up in your back issues.as for the general way to portray them they distrust muties but seem to tolerate them moreso than the big megas.
The Missionary Man anthology from Titan contains five adventures of the eponymous hero set in the Tex City Outer Territories, an area that appears to be situated between Tex City proper and the more unsettled (and presumably more dangerous) Cursed Earth.

In appearance and technology the towns bear a strong resemblance to their 19th Century counterparts.

Some communities welcome muties and others don't. Each town appears to select its own law, but there also appears to be another type of lawman called an Outlands Marshal, though their role and juristiction is unclear.

There does not appear to be any point in specifically detailing the communities mentioned in the book because most of them have been destroyed by the end of the volume! (Usually by Preacher Cain himself.)