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Anyone have some good websites to use for research or for the d20 Babylon 5? I have a few for just research but none for the RPG type stuff. is a good one for stuff on Bester and the Psi Corps Excellent resource for pictures for NPC’s and such. Another pretty good research, although it’s not d20 gaming, it does have some good things to start with I think. Good personality profiles and pictures for files of the main cast on Babylon 5 Tech manual with a lot of good story type information. Gives some interesting backgrounds on a lot of things, and you can get some pictures for things like Identicards and PPG’s and such. The Lurker’s Guide. EXCELLENT source for storylines and such. for RPG stuff. for ships. a comprehensive timeline. for races.
I went to the site, and was hoping to see the timeline that was published in the Babylon 5 Magazin or something like it..clicked on the link for the timeline and .... blank.....
Stupid stupid....making a link and then forgetting to update the page info...grrrrr...
I suspect that if you got to the other more 'official' sites, not Lurkers guide, that is woefully out of date...but the ISN News site might have the complete timeline. I'll be looking through my okd magazines to see if I can find it also. The guy who put that together was extremely thorough, dropping in little bits and pieces that were mentioned all the way through to Crusade, like when certain people were born etc..
If someone else finds it, let me know..kind of crucial for a game I'm in.
The link works for me. This is a very detailed timeline, incorporating B5, Crusade, the novels, comics and a whole slew of other references.
I found the same link through a different route. It's one of the best chronologies around. What I'd like to have is the full color 'poster' size one that was printed in the magazine..that is a truly awesome piece of artwork and information. I'll have to do some digging around to see if it was ever printed for sale.

Dig until you find what you're looking for and then dig some more.


I am a newbie on the forum, but not totaly with mongoose (I have yet send two or three comment mails to the support line).

I have made some web search to find babylon 5 resources too, and I propose you a state of my research : - This is a site about the fanzine for Babylon 5 Fleet Action adaptation, but some interresting articles. - An other on-line encyclopedia. - This is a pbem adaptation of babylon 5, in french, but some resources and ideas. - This is a fan fiction site, unfortunately the zip files link seems broken, and the webmaster couldn't be joined. - An other fan fiction site with many given stories.

Look the links, because you can find some interresting fan fiction sites.