Has Anyone got a good set of Tables to simulate Weather and it's effects ?

There are times when the climate and local weather can have a significant influence on the PC's (personally) or the path of an adventure (literally).

The aim is to present the 'feel' of the environ, to make players aware of little practicalities. There are effects on hunting/ foraging, fighting (Wearing thick furs, or battling foes in the scorching sands), etc.

I don't want to be petty - just looking for some 'colour' and challenge; after all, We reward our players for completing tasks creatively (EP's)

I have been reading some recent commentary on Campaigns in the Northern Lands (Nordheim, etc), and have just had my players dealing with travel across the major deserts in the Eastern regions.

I had a wonderful 'old' chart from the Greyhawk Campaign once ...

Could be significant when PC's are in seabourne adventures as well. I think that there's some Weather Magic in the Pirate Isles book.
Yep! Fine - Thanks for the guidance Argo - I don't have any other D20/ v3.5 Core stuff ... (Yet).

Have to relate Everything to the Conan's World though ...

I'm gathering some very usefull bits and pieces in my Gm's Toolbox now.
One of the remarkable features of Robert E Howard's Hyborian stories is the almost total lack of decriptions of weather.
I have just started re-reading my old Conan collection (Sphere Books). The youthful Conan is being chased by a wolf pack after his escape (In chains) - through the cold, snow covered forest ....

Weather/ Climate can be an important challenge to the PC's negotiating the Thurian Continent. Think of campaigns set in the desrt areas and the icy Northern mountains, etc.