Weapon Info


Hi, I am new to this forum, but have been a Conan fan for a long time. I phoned my local RPG store again today about the game, but it doesn't look like it will be in until next week :cry: Anyways, my friend already has some campaign ideas and I have a character thought up. I would like him to fight with a weapon in each hand and am wondering what the rules are for this. Also what swords/knives are listed in the book which would work for this. Could someone please give me a discription of these and maybe some stats? Thanks alot.
Not sure about the weapons in the Conan RPG, but I would assume the rules for two-weapon fighting will be similar (if not the same) as in other D20 OGL Games.
Some of the classes get Two Weapon Combat as a begining class ability, and the penalty is 0 if you have a light weapon in your combo. There is a bewildering array of swords and knives, with quite a few regional knives being featured. There is no longsword, but these are replaced by the arming sword (lighter for finesse fighters) and the broadsword (good all around hacker). The weapons are upgunned for Conan, so the Greatsword(exotic weapon now) does 2d10. Weapons have an Armor Piercing value that allows them to bypass some of the damage reduction that armor offers. Sorry, it's off to work for me!