weapon and armor discrepancies in 2300ad.


Ive been looking through the weapons and armors in both tools of the frontier and the core book, and the Double Express from tools of the frontier does 6d which is the same as a missile launcher and its only trait is bulky, and costs lv800, and weighs 4.9, which is fine I guess? its considered a basic very basic weapon in lore, then we come to the core books, with the 12-81 magnum is considered the most powerful sporting rifle known throughout space. Its so powerful you have to fire it from a braced position on a bi-pod but the damage is 5d only has 100 more range, weighs almost 10 more while still costing 400 more and the only real advantage is the 6 round box mag, and comes with a scope,
stat wise I guess its not too bad but the Weight difference, and lore description of the two seems off with one requiring the magnum to be braced.

there's also the case A TL11 lv50 surplus helmet from tools and frontier that gives 7 protection, but a high threat helmet lv2500 TL12 from the core book only gives 2 is this because armor from tools of the frontier are operating on the hit locations optional rule or is this something else?
we haven't started playing yet and these are some of the things we have noticed.

Bryn the 2300AD guy

Banded Mongoose
The Rockwell 12-81 (12 mm bullet @ 1,100 m/s) is slightly less powerful than a .50 BMG (12.7 mm bullet @ 1,200 m/s). A Traveller heavy MG (i.e. a .50) does 5d6, so this is probably about right.

The Stracher Double Express is, however, something else. The best explanation is that it is using straight rather than necked ammo, and is really something like a rifled 20-gauge shotgun. It might be modeled on elephant guns using .60 Nitro Express, but with a far more powerful load. If the bullet itself is short, and on the form of a pistol rather than rifle round, it might not explode when fired due to the chamber pressure. However, the 6d says this must be a rifle style round.

Using the .50 BMG as a model bullet shape, the bullet would weigh 39 grams, and at 1,370 m/s would have a muzzle energy of ca. 37 kJ. The chamber pressures would be > 550,000 psi, and the weapon would explode immediately upon firing.