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Demon Samurai

Hi Guys,

I use FGU to play our Traveller games online, and I'm very happy with it. I do think however, that Mongoose could bring more people into the game, or at least help some people who play online by having some sort of official character sheet on Foundry & Roll20. There is a (not particularly great) character sheet on Roll20 and a Cepheus one on Foundry, but nothing that looks like the official Mongoose character sheets. is there anything in the pipeline for those people who don't use FGU? (and there are a lot). Cheers.


Cosmic Mongoose
Yeah, I'm starting an R20 game myself and I'm not very much in love with the sheet that's available there. It's what they have, and I'll work with it, but it really isn't as nice or useful as other companies.

So Mongoose, we could really use some VTT support here....

Lurking Grue

Banded Mongoose
Yes, the character sheet on Roll20 is functional at best. It does seem to have some bugs even, as I've had it happen in my games that players' info disappears from the sheet with no explanation why. A new sheet would very much be appreciated. Thus far, I've been limping along with the current sheet, but it really frustrates me and isn't a great "calling card"/advertisement for new players. C'mon Mongoose, get someone to do a professional character sheet for Traveller on Roll20, please!

Having seen what is possible for character sheets on Roll20, e.g. the Free League ones for Alien RPG or Twilight 2000 4e, it would be a dream to have something approaching even half their functionality with a smooth, professional layout and appearance.