vote MRQ GOOD or BAD


It seems to me that on these forums there are a small number of people who do not like MRQ making a great number of posts. As this can lead to a misrepresentation of the views of the Runequest community at large, it might be interesting to conduct a little vote to get a more broad sample of the views of people who visit these forums.

My suggestion is that we each answer "YES" or "NO" to the following question:


It is also my suggestion that we don't use this thread for discussion. This will help provide us with a more easily viewed sample.


Although the Mongoose guys really need to reread the rulebook and clarify the contradictions from the "Combat Confusion Cleared" thread, as well as provide some answers to other questions that have popped up on the forums regarding typos, missing data, and unclear rules.

In addition - some of the wonky dice probabilities (halving rule, opposed roll ties, etc.) need to be touched on as well.

This has really turned into a small #$%@storm, and every day that goes by, it just seems to get people more and more frustrated.

Although I feel that some iterations of BRP (especially Stormbringer) are better mechanics wise I am pleased with MRQ overall. I would hesitate to try to run it, but would jump at a chance to play it.
Tricky wording.

Yes, I am happy RQ is back in print.

I reserve the right to wait on whether I'm glad NRQ is the RQ in print. That is going to take a few more releases.
Ok so far look god but I want to see the rest of the rules befor I say yes By that I mean the Runequest Companion, as I consider the rules incomplete as of now.
No disrespect, but the question is far too simplistic for the answer needed. You can be pleased that something has come along, but at the same time be displeased with the implementation.

I'm still waiting for it to hit the southern colonies.

Glad to see more yes than no in relpies. I do ask why not actually use the Poll mechanic of the board and put some qualifiers in the reply options, say... Unequivocally Yes, Yes but A, Yes but B, No but C, No but D (God, that is so Little Britan :shock:), Unequivocally No, or I ain't got mine yet. I studies humanities at Uni and worked in marketing and social research for a few years, long enough to say unqualified data is useless and I can stack questions to get the results I want to see (my mind goes back to a classic 'Yes, Minister' episode on market research opinion polls ;)).