Given that they are supposed to be the luitenents of the Darklords armies, is it my imagination but do Vordaks lack the needed Intelligence and skill? At only Int6 and Knowledge (Warfare) 3 they don't seem adequate for the rigours of command.
I agree!

They are certainly not masters of knoledge and intellect but for my perosnnal point of view they reach at least 12 !

Of course, if this score is intentional, there's no problem for me. It wouldn't be the first time I ignore/modify the rules... :wink:
I know from having read most of what Joe Dever wrote with regards to his LoneWolf books that he certainly wrote Vordaks and Helgahst with a lot more Intelligence then they seem to have been written up in the game with, well that is at least the case with Vordak's.Even the Gorgaz has a certain malice and dark intelligence.I always saw the Vordaks and other agents of the Dark Lords to be sort of the exstentions of their masters will in which case a vessel a greater being controls does not need so high an int.Lets face it the Dark Lords are written to be as near to dark Gods as one is likely to find so its feasible.