Victory At Sea/Battlefield test maps...


Just thought i'd upload these and see what people think of them. They are some test maps for Victory At Sea, I only did them on a whim after being inspired by the Victory At Sea articles. The maps in Signs And Portents were fine, but for playing a fairly barren sea game it would probably help to have the most realistic maps possible, if only for atmosphere!

So I made up some in a couple of programs I use and exported them into a terrain generator, fiddled with the lighting, atmosphere, clouds and wind effects to show bigger waves and so on, until I came up with something acceptable.

At this stage I can't make huge printable maps (larger than about 1024 x 768) but they give some idea and if/when I have time I can try and make some maps that will print out on 4 or more pieces of paper and join together (if it is possible within the limitations of the programs) if anyone is interested?

I put some icebergs in one just to test it, I think it helps make the games more interesting with things like that. I can add islands, or rocks etc. as well. The icebergs aren't perfect but they are just tests to see if anyone has any interest in seeing better/bigger ones. (Hopefully the image links work ok, can everyone click on them?)

I am also working on terrain ones for Battlefield Evolution and Starship Troopers etc. though they will all only be organic terrains at this point until I can work out more complex manmade things. The test for that is the last two pictures, keep in mind this is extremely rushed, and I can do far better if I spend the time.

Anyway, let me know what you think and if you are interested in better/bigger maps :)

P.S. The island one was just because I wanted to test how something might look with some Pirate era ships and that map seemed to suit it, it wouldn't be much good with giant Frigates :)

Here's one more Victory At Sea one, and a couple more Battlefield ones. These are only very low res, quickly done tests. If I put more time into them they would be a lot better, but they will do for now to see if anyone has any interest in them :)