"Very" Stalwart Bug Field Generators


Cosmic Mongoose
These were made mostly using pieces from the new Tehnolog Power Plant kit, with a few pieces borrowed from the Hexagon and Platformer kits as well. CmdrKiley mentioned over on TMP that the Power Plant could be used to make Bug Field Generators as well, so I'm not the only one to notice this alternate use of the new kit. For $17.95 US, they are a reasonable cost, and the new kit becomes yet another resource for "fiddly bits" for my various uses. Since I already have several sets of the official Stalwarts finished up, I could suggest several ways for these to be considered for use. One way would be to consider that these are Skinnie versions, as the MI and Skinnies both use personal shock sticks, so both races could employ field generator "big brothers" of the shock sticks for area defence. I could also consider these as stronger MI versions of the Stalwarts that I would christen as "Very Stalwart Bug Field Generators" :wink: . These versions would cost 40 points instead of the normal 25. They could have their hits increased from 4 to 6, perhaps due to stronger construction. Another variable might be to allow them to have an increased spacing to 9". Regardless of how they are used, they add another option to the game, if only employed as proxies to the standard field generators. Sorry MGP, but I know you'll be retooling those anyway for SST:Evo :wink: .




Another thing you might notice is that you can build at least eight of these for $17.95 (or less due to web-discounters).
rico's roughnecks said:
Bu!!!! How could you, they look cool and are cheap at the same time, now where did you get those large bolts?

The only "bolt" they have is the bolt of electricity they jolt their victims with :lol: . The new Power Plant kit made by Tehnolog serves up most of the parts. Pegasus is the distributor for those FLGSs on this side of the pond.
Damn you're fast Bu!

Those look great, I didn't even think of using the Hexagon plates for bases. Good idea! Those look really nice.
CmdrKiley said:
Damn you're fast Bu!

Those look great, I didn't even think of using the Hexagon plates for bases. Good idea! Those look really nice.

I'm not as fast as you think :lol: . I had these partly built from a week ago, right after I got the Power Plant kits in my store. As quickly as I looked at the kit, those parts screamed "Stalwart, STALWART!", heh. When I saw you mention how those kits would work nicely as Stalwarts, I kicked myself for not getting them done earlier :wink: . So yesterday when I noticed they fell over a little easily, I scrounged eight base plates from my Hexagon kits to make them balance better and painted the gold leaf on the corrugated parts for a little added detail. Of course there are many ways to use different parts to accessorise these, but the central Power Plant "rods" are really Stalwarts all by themselves. I'm still going to use my official Stalwarts, but I'll use these new ones for Skinnie village defences and as enhanced "Very Stalwarts" for MI units. Where some Tanker sub-species can go through the standard Stalwarts (hey, has MGP ever said which those are?), maybe these could be said to even convince those Tankers to think twice before passing through? Hmm, maybe a rule also that says that these can be extended to a 9" spacing (as I said before), BUT if used at the regular spacing of 6" they increase their field strength from 3xD10 to 4xD10, eh?
Rob_alderman said:
awesome, run us through exactly how to make them, Im intrigued.

Well Rob, this is a good case of "WYSIWYG" :wink: . The central post and tubing in the back, as well as the "gear-looking" pieces are all from the new Tehnolog Power Plant kit. As CmdrKiley noticed, the hex plate is from the Hexagon kit (good name for that kit, btw :wink: ). The boxy thing on the left are several support bases glued back-to-back and are from the Platformer kit series. The "rack" that connects the box to the post base is also from the Platformer series as is a 90-degree fitting that connects it to the box. On the top of the box is another Platformer piece that is 1/2 of a connector fitting. That's about it. I painted with Krylon Nickel Shimmer and hand painted with Testors Gold Metal Flake (for the field part of the unit I guess). I antiqued with thinned-down artist ink in brown and black. I'll answer anything that is not understood or if I didn't describe well enough, of course.

Oh, one more tidbit: I cut off the projections at the bottom of the post so that a notch was created flush to the side of the post tower. This allowed the post to countersink into the "gear" piece a bit. Otherwise you would have to place something inside like a cylinder-type of filler to hold the post up. There's a hundred ways to make this item really, so you don't need the gear base at all. That's just how I happened to combine the pieces for aesthetic effect.