"Vendhyan" fiction


I'm trying to track down a good historical adventure novel set in ancient india, to give me more of a feel for the culture of Vendhya.

So far, the best bet appears to be

Golden Fire by Jonathan Fast

Anyone have any other recommendations?
For inspiration you could watch the Jungle Book. Just to get a feel for the scenery and the possibilities for cool combat scenes. Just an idea.
How about REH's "People of the Black Circle? It has a very "Vendhyan" feel to some of it and gives you a good idea of how to start an adventure?

Eric in Vegas
you shoud try the Mahabharata
its a big book but esential
also the BBC produced a dramatization of the epic story
I second the recommendation for "People of the Black Circle". I just read it last week and it did a good job of placing the reader in that nation... At first anyway... Until the killing starts. :twisted: