Velitrium, Fort Tuscelan and Valannus.


I've been studying carefully the tale Beyond the Black River and Across Thunder River to learn everything possible about Conajohara, where my players are currently suffer... er... adventuring. There's something I don't find clear.

Velitrium is the capital, and is built at eastern bank of Thunder river. That means before the conquering of Conajohara it was a watch post for the Pict frontier, and the jump point from where the invasion begun. Now, in the eastern bank (again) of Black river stands Fort Tuscelan, which keeps the new frontier. By the time Conan served in it, the governor was Valannus, and in the tale shows up in Tuscelan. In fact he seems to be always in Tuscelan. But, shouldn't he have headquarters in Velitrium instead? Maybe he does, but has quarters in Tuscelan too, where he spents most of the time. But, what is, or should be, the most logical way?
VincentDarlage said:
Think of Fort Tuscelan as Lord Valannus' castle. Feudal lords tend to rule from their castle, not their primary city.

Ok, that would be a good explanation. Nonetheless, at the current point of the campaign (still in the first adventure) the characters, some of which are military and part of the garrison at Velitrium, have not left the town yet. And I have Valannus there commanding. Once they leave for Tuscelan (there is a plot, you know), Valannus can go with them to "retake his post", but... would be logical if we consider that the fort in Velitrium can be used as the palace (and I mean Palace) for the governor even if just only for visiting?