Vassal games


Anybody want a game of this anytime just stick me on ur MSN messenger as i not in campaign but if free will definately be up for a game (cant get many ACTA games).

or for that fact anyone in oxfordshire or swindon area hit me up for game in person which is actually quicker as long as you not too far away :)
true and its quick to learn, ldtd taught me today how to use vassal, simpler than it looks :)
altho a lakara versus a victory is certainly interesting, damn the ISA and their CQ5, no weapons would have saved me alot of pain.
Forgive me for being a moron, but I've seen vassal mentioned several time but I've no idea how to find it, or use it. Could someone give me a heads up please?
well saturday am at the tourney during the day but am sure can arrange something, give you practice run for your league ships too :)