Variant "variant rules"


Well i´ve come to see that certain Multiclasses are quite dificult to grasp, one good example is the so called "martial artist" type.

For the "martial artist" there is the class that Joshua Cole gave us in S&P, also the multiclass Soldier/Scholar of Vincent Darlage in HFinnest and i think there is also a PrClass for it...

Well i always liked the Variant rules, so i remenbered to use one of my old ideas of how to grasp these dificult classes.

Variant Rules work great, but i´m going for a more restrainning style.
The idea i had was to present a feat that had two diferent class level as prerequisite and other feats, that would give you the hability to change your class caracteristics.

The example feat:

"Way of the martial Desciple"
You have trainned in the misterious ways of oriental martial arts

Prerequisites: Soldier 1 level, scholar 1 level, "Calm of the adept" (Basic oriental magic), unarmed Strike.
You must spend X years under a master trainning.

You lose your shield, Medium and heavy armour proficiency and may never gain them again.

When taking levels in Soldier or Scholar you may consider Tumble, Climb, Jump and Balance as class skills (the restriction of having to spend 3 skill points in knowledged from scholar levels still applies)

When Unarmored and fighting Unarmed you may add your Wis bonus as a bonus to your DV (if you reach soldier 5/ Scholar 5 then you may add the Wis bonus to the damage you deal)

The GM will decide an X+Int number of martial styles.
Each time you gain a "advanced spell" you may instead chose one martial style (Joshua´s martial disciple has some really good styles that can be used).

Each time you would gain a combat manouver, instead, you may gain a cumulative DR of 2.

Well this was just an ideia of getting variant rules more fluid... at least in my point of view... and i like House rules... thanks to all who had great ideas about the "monk" and made me think this.

This was just an idea that i had, and if the books have something like this as an Variant rule, great (but i didn´t know since i don´t have all of them...)!

Well i just wanted to see what people would think of this (you can hate it, you can love it, but it just a house rule)
Well it seems that people don´t like the idea... well it was just a sugestion...

Well if you guys got house rules about "variant rules" fell free to post them here!
How does one forget already learned feats as well as never being able to learn them again. Seems like a disease or something.

Frankly, the martial artist class didnt strike me as very howard-ish , IMHO.

Mad Dog
Well i thought that losing those feats, would make things more simple, he chooses not to use them for a long time, and he loses the "proficiency" with them.
He can still wear them, but suffers from penaltys...
He cannot learn them again because then he would have to lose this feat benefits...
It´s all about balance.
Well if you look at Hyborian world most eastern civilizations, you may see that the "martial artist" was indead a cultural part of them (or at last i see it like one), and that way not really against what REH wrotte...

Well just wanted to give sort of a guide line for multiclass... and please note that this system can be used from a "martial artist" to a "Knight"