Using Reputation in combat


Can a character's Reputation score be used in combat? That is, if his Rep gives him a +5 bonus to Bluff, can he use it to Feint his foes?

Until now, I have ruled that it can only be used in non-combat situations (such as diplomatical matters or to Bluff a guard).

However, I have recently started wondering if this is right, since I think a feared Stygian sorcerer would have a easier time Intimidating PCs in combat than a rather unknown Khitan scholar -even if they had the same Intimidate skill.

I am still uneasy about your Rep allowing you to feint people in combat, but the bonus to Intimidate seems that could make sense.

Does the Atlantean Edition explain it? What do you think?

Any help will be welcome
I would allow it. If the character recognises the person and his reputation is such that he is to be feared, then a character may well psych himself out in combat, unintentionally allowing himself to be bluffed when he might otherwise be more on his toes.
It certainly seems reasonable. But it might make sense to halve the bonus in combat situations – when faced with death or worse, the enemy's reputation won't keep you from trying to save your own skin, and might even prompt you to greater heroism. After all, if the enemy has a huge reputation, think of the acclaim you'll earn by defeating him!
I don't have any problem adding Reputaion to checks in combat that are truley "social" in nature: diplomacy to calm down an angry opponent or Intimidate to scare scare someone with how much of a badass-famous warrior you are. However there are some uses of social skills that are not strictly "social" in nature and I wouldnt add Rep to those: using Bluff to feint or create a diversion to hide or deliver a secret message.

I dont' see anything wrong with letting Rep apply to some uses of a skill but not others. Matter of fact any use of Reputation should probably be on an case-by-case basis.

Argo wrote

Matter of fact any use of Reputation should probably be on an case-by-case basis.

Now that's a good way to playtest all these possibilities you all have pointed.

I'll let you know which option (no bonus, bonus to social uses and full bonus to skills) happens to work better in my games.

Thank you all,