Using Other Sci-Fi Setting with OTU in YTU - Recipes


Banded Mongoose
Dear Friends,

There have of course been extensive discussions on YTU / MTU, the OTU, ATUs, and alternate settings, but I'd like to share ideas on how to use and integrate concepts, items, characters, etc., of other Sci-Fi settings in YTU. This becomes a very practical question if your are torn between your love and devotion to the OTU and the desire to make practical use of the many miniatures, models and other gaming aids (and not to mention MGT supplements) out there in your Traveller campaign.

Here is my "recipe" as to how I integrate everything in MTU:

A. Rules Framework: Primarily a dual boot of MGT and Classic Traveller, with some ideas from Gurps / TFT, and Full Thrust/Dirtside/Guncrawl.

B. Basic Setting Framework: Classic / Mongoose OTU Third Imperium, starting from the year 1111, a year after the 5th Frontier War.

C. Usage of other Sci-Fi Settings:

Basically, I just selectively use the vehicles, equipment and creatures from other settings and some events, I avoid any sort of co-existence with other timelines - especially the cliche' of parallel universes or encounters through wormholes.

1. Star Wars: Galactic Empire / Old Republic military ships, fighters and equipment are manufactured in-galaxy and are in selected use by Third Imperial and local Armed Forces. There are Jedi / Sith - like secret organizations in the Imperium, and overt ones in the Zhodani Consulate, but strictly conforming to MGT Psion and other relevant rules. Rebel-era fighters / equipment are also produced and are used by corporate and isolated rebel groups.

2. Star Trek: Two alternatives: Scenario A - Warp and Transporter technology still in experimental stage. Klingons, Romulans, et al exist but are only "pocket" empires. Solomanis begin re-naming their political institutions the "UFP" (sort of like how Quebec government has the "National Assembly" and autonomous institutions), and establish the "Starfleet" to perform exploration functions and to eventually replace the Imperial Scouts in Solomani space. TNG era elements generally avoided. Scenario B - Star Trek TOS as is as setting for an off-OTU map sector, but the UFP is not centered around Earth but another human planet.

3. Battlestar Galactic Re-Imagined: Setting is used more-or-less as in the tv series just before "The Fall", but Colonies / Cylons sectors located away from OTU map.

4. Warhammer 40K: Human Imperial ground / Space Marines equipment in use by 3I Imperial Armed Forces. Other races are minor entities.

5. Aliens / Predators / Starship Troopers Bugs: They are around ! Colonial Marines / Mobile Infantry are Solomani military regiments.

6. Gerry Anderson Universe / 2001: Part of Earth's past history, but moon did not "break away" and Jupiter remained cool. SHADO contiunes to exist as a Solomani agency. UFO Interceptors, Eagle Transports, Hawks, etc and their design descendants are prominent in Solomani space. HAL computers available at a discount. Monoliths also dot the galaxy....

7. Yamato / Harlock / Tubepunk / Reichpunk-Alt WWII / Steampunk / AT-43 / Mecha / Ogre-GEV: Creation of a new Anime-esque sector outside of OTU map populated by descendants of "sleepers" from Earth 19th / 20th / 21st century, including Axis folks, and the usual villains ! A popular trend in the Animesector are starships using design elements of WWII vessels and Gothic steampunk, and use of Mecha / Ogres. (The setting of my "Sternschlachtschiff Bismarck" campaign).

8. Dune: The Padishah Imperium and its contents is an isolated sector in the OTU map, protected by the Third Imperium in exchange for covert spice supply and Bene Gesserit / Mentat training. The 3I's psionic "Area 51." The current Dune setting is the first novel.

9. James Bond / Earth Spy Agencies: Their descendants exist in both the Imperial and Solomani intelligence services. Bond villains (having been cyrogenically preserved) also lurk about...

10. Judge Dredd: The Judges constitute the Imperial judicial / law enforcement authority in selected worlds. MegaCity One is a sort of prison planet.

11. Hammers' Slammers: A Solomani Regiment.

12. Babylon 5: Its nations exist as minor states within Imperial Space, the B5 station is around.

13: OTHER: Extensive use of art / models of Chris Foss, Andrew Boulton, Scarecrow, Ebbles Miniatures, One Monk Miniatures, and WorldWorks games. "One System" settings such as Trigan Empire and Solaris in place as well.