Using OGL Steampunk with LW



Does anyone here own ogl steampunk by mongoose? I have been considering purchasing it fro a while; for one thing I would like to play a steampunk game or at least see how they are laid out((heck teh book would probably be worth it for stats on a sword cane alone ;) )), and for another, I think it would aid in desiging some new technology for the dwarven gunner of bor, and perhaps help in desiging the more technologically inclined Bor nations.

I keep getting this impression of the dwarves driving around with klunky automations in their cities, claiming them to be better than horses/chariots ((yet much slowler ofcourse :) )) . Or perhaps steampowered boats, some new weaponry, etc etc.

If anyone here owns steampunk, can you shed any light on this? How well would some of the classes mesh with Lonewolf classes?
Well, don't forget the Darklands are steampunk level too. At least in Book #12; not sure if this was a common thing there or new to the Gnaag regime.