Used Warmechs



With all the recent talk about budget and mission pay problems I realized there must be a market for used warmechs. Using the following could allow the players to purchase better mechs earlier than normal or sell off old gear when upgrading.

Used Warmech price:
Age* 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10+

price % 80 70 60 50 40 35 30 30 30 25

* age of mech rounded up

Modified warmechs:
Most warmechs more than a year old will be modified in some way. Determine base selling price by applying any changes at list price with the exception of removed components. Any equipment removed, and it's function not provided by other gear, deducts the equipment cost plus installation cost. In general ammo is not included in the sale, deduct this cost as well. Missiles, due to their non reloadable nature is also deducted from base price. If there is any existing damage deduct the cost of repair as well.

ex. An Egid Charlemagne comms mech had it's rail gun replaced with an IR Laser. The EW systems were also upgraded but the owner chose to keep these, remove ground surveillance and air tracking radar. The Lancer SSM launcher is empty. There is no unrepaired damage.
Base cost is $29,688,687 - $5,001,250 (railgun + ammo) + $15,000,000 (laser) - $540,000 (radar) - $135,000 (install radar) - $250,000 (Lancer) = $38,762,437

The Mech is three years old so the adjusted selling price is $23,257,462.

Negotiating price: People will always try to get the best price, buyer or seller. The advertised price will generally be set higher than the seller expects to get then haggled down. Make opposed Bluff and Sense Motive checks, apply the difference as a percentage modifier. Both parties may gain a +2 bonus if the succeed at a DC 15 Computer Use check to research the other person and Mech repair records.

ex. Using the above example the buyer has researched the seller and the mech gaining a +2 bonus, he has a +1 Cha modifier and 3 ranks in Bluff. The seller has a Sense Motive skill of 1 and +3 Wis modifier, his Bluff skill is better at 5 ranks and a +2 Cha mod.
The seller has a total roll of 22 vs the buyers roll of 16 for a 6% modifier in the sellers favor, Final sale price is $23,257,462 X 1.06 = $24,652,910.


Older mechs may have flaws or worn out components, much like used cars, that can fail at any time. There is a 5% chance per year (of age) for hidden flaws. If there is a flaw roll on the crit damage table to determine what system then roll for when the failure occurs, 2D6 or 4D6 months would be about right. If the flaw roll is less than half the % chance there are two flaws, less than a quarter is three flaws.

Factory refurbished Mechs.
When purchasing from a factory authorized dealer your mech is guaranteed not to have hidden flaws. The cost for this is an increase of 5% to base price.
Note: actual chance of a flaw is 1% but claims are rarely paid.

Most reputable repair shops can perform inspections for 1% of base cost. A DC 20 check will reveal the first three flaws and ensure remaining flaws will not appear for 18+D6 months.
Cost of inspections may be applied to the adjusted price by the seller. The buyer may also request inspections before the final sale, the repair cost of any flaws may be subtracted from adjusted price.