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Hi, Mongoose old Bear
Hi, Mongoose Paul

Do you know anything about the MEG supplement: Upgrades Armour, which was announced in S&P Issue I? Is this project dead or is there a realistic chance to get it in the future......? I `m very curious to see the new power armours and new Centaur warmek class :p

What do you think about the technical progress in the world of A: 2089 (new warmeks, new warmek technology etc.) and are there plans to introduce some new warmek-factories (f.e. for the nordic league, Korea, Australia or Israel)?

Have a nice night! :p
Hello !!!
I have to say, that i'm a bit worried about that post. Does it mean, that "Upgrades:Armour" won't be produced ???
If so, it would be nice to be informed about that, because I'm also really looking forward to that book - power armours rule !!!! (at least i hope so).
In my opinion power armours would be the most realistic "next-generation"-weapon-system, that could see the light of the day even in reality :arrow: so the Arm2089-universe shouldn't do without them !!!
Well, its been quite some time since we heard anything from Mongoose on this, and I've given up checking the MEG website for any possible details. So, either way, it would be nice to hear something official on this.
No answers as yet! Upgrades is a private venture by MEG that, aside from the licence and some preliminary discussions, has nothing to do with us. However, I'll have a root around and see what I can find. . .
Thank you for searching an answer! :p

Have you made any decision about future supplements, sourcebooks, TRO, technical and storyline progress?

I know I`ve many questions, but I´m so curious to see more of A: 2089! :p
According to the story and technical timeline:
It seems to be that you haven`t decided yet......?,or I`m wrong! Are there some future products (for 2004) planned? (supplements, miniatures?)

I asked these questions again, because nobody answered, perhaps somebody can give us a hint! :D
Hi guys,

We do have plans for A2089 into 2004 and beyond but we are just seeing how a few things pan out first. However, we already have some novels on the way, are looking at graphic novels and someone in the office has started talking about miniatures. . .
Hi, Matthew!
I`m glad to hear that there are several plans for the future....after seeing the new product list I was afraid that there won`t be some new products because no new supplemnts were listed.

Are there some news from MEG and the new mysterious supplement ....could you find anything?

Have a nice day

PS: I`m very curious to see the new graphic novels! And I hope there will some new supplements...see the post above!
....and what`s about the story and technical timeline? :roll:

....will there be a progress?
Hello! Hello! Is there anybody out there, who can give some answers?
Hi guys,

No news on MEG's book as yet, I am afraid.

However, High Frontier is about to be released - check out the preview in the General forum!

As for releases beyond this, the Soldier's Companion has just been sent off to print. Looking into 2004, we are expecting to release a range of novels (we already have three written and waiting to go!), and we are currently looking at graphic novels, board games and, possibly, very possibly, a miniatures game of some sort.

Throughout all this, Signs & Portents will continue to regularly feature A2089 articles, expanding the game in new directions as it goes.

Stay tuned. I have a feeling that life in 2089 will be taking a turn for the worse over the next 12 months. . .
son of a preacherman said:
- power armours rule !!!! (at least i hope so).
In my opinion power armours would be the most realistic "next-generation"-weapon-system, that could see the light of the day even in reality :arrow: so the Arm2089-universe shouldn't do without them !!!

IMHO the preview of Upgrades: Armor made power armor look a bit to good compared to warmechs. More like A:3009 than 2089.

There is also a brief mention of Power Armor in the description of Soldiers Companion.
Hi, Matthew!

Concerning the MEG supplement: Thank you for looking around in the net! :p Perhaps I will send MEG a "special" E-mail and ask them directly.....(besides...it`s a little bit cruel to introduce this good sounding supplement and than.....nothing)

I was a little bit surprised reading that you plan boardgames and miniature game for the A:2089 universe....I`m a real fan of boardgames and I think it`s a good decision to produce a boardgame for A.2089 - you will win new costumers (this will good for us and good for your bank account)

I`ve just one question: You did not mention any supplement for the next year...on the net several good ideas were posted like the Sea/Ocean supplement, Corporation supplement, and (this is my favourite) a technical readout with new warmeks, power armours, tanks. Are there plans to introduce some supplements in the following year or do you concentrate on the novels, boardgames, etc.

Concerning your last sentence there seems to be storyline and technical progress...am I right?

So have a nice day.....! :p
I´m interested in supplements, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Matthew - Hi, Team Mongoose!

First at all I want to announce that I`ve written a post to MEG, asking some questions about the new supplement, last week. But until now nothing came back - I`m not a real pessimist, but I guess that Upgrade : Armour is dead..... :(

Second I asked about the future of A:2089 supplements....I hope you have some ideas for 2004/05, because just proceeding the plot and the technical process by writing S&P articles would not be enough (for me! :oops: )....., because for every issue there are only 3-4 pages reserved to write about A:2089. So I´m afraid that these articles will stay on the surface and wil destroy the great flair of A:2089.

So have a nice day
Hi guys,

News, news and more news!

First off, there are no A2089 books planned for the first four months of 2004. Do not despair, however, this is for two reasons;

Having completed the 'core' supplements (Meks, armour, space and infantry), we want to see how the line 'settles in'. This is in terms of both sales through the retail chains and with the players themselves - once you have all the supplements, which do you find the most useful, which feature in every session, what changes do you want to see - that kind of thing. Basically, it is taking a breather and then working out where we go from here. However, yes, we do have more material planned, not least the advance of timeline spearheaded by the three novels we already have written. . .

Throughout this time, articles will continue to appear in Signs & Portents - true, they cannot have the depth of a full supplement but you will have plenty of new 'toys' to play with over the next few months.

Your feedback will be important through this process but there are certainly new things to look forward to;

1. We are in the midst of starting (drumroll) a miniatures division of Mongoose. We will initially be working on two very sexy licences with regards to miniatures (more news soon - but you'll want to get involved!), but an A2089 miniatures game will most certainly be a natural progression for us. The question we'll have to debate here is whether A2089 should primarily be an RPG or whether it was always meant to be a wargame. . .

2. As I mentioned, we have three novels already written, with more on the way. You may be wondering why we do not release them now, if they are ready - to our regret, the mainstream book market just does not work like that :) We want A2089 to be a hit on the book shelves, as well as in the game stores, so everything has to be just 'right'. Unfortunately, this means that we cannot lead our entry into the mainstream market with A2089 - no one has heard of it! However, we are in the midst of securing a certain licence that currently has just one very old novel written for it. We should have some good news here soon, but I promise you'll like it and the A2089 books will follow onto the mainstream bookshelves very nicely. . .

3. Graphic novels for A2089 are an almost (!) certainty - we are just at the beginning of this project, but some test pieces will be appearing in Signs & Portents soon. Between these and the novels, there will be a strong advance in the storyline of the entire setting.

4. Boardgames are a strong possibility, though we have nothing set for A2089 at this time - might be a good idea to send a proposal in, if you are a budding games designer!

So, life is not so good in 2089, but fans are going to enjoy 2004!