Update for Criminal Organisations Book


With the new criminal prestige classes of Atlantis, plus the occasional prestige classes from other sources, is it possibly to get somekind of updated Criminal Organisations, or Criminal Org 2 book, or a PDF, detailing how these new prestige classes generate criminal income etc...

Essentially theres no guideline on difficulty of recruiting them, cost and income generation.

Also Atlantis introduced new types of criminal enterprises, such as Snow Men, Candy Girls, Smugglers (as opposed to vetern smugglers), Pirates etc.. Is it possibly to have a the requisite details to cover theres please.[/i]
Great suggestion. I'd love to see something like this to make it easier to keep track of everything.

Mongoose seem a little busy, and all the Dredd focus is on Gangs of MC1 which is less than a month away now.

It might be the case that one of us will need to do the work, then submit it to Mongoose to host on their site...

Hi guys,

I am afraid Arabin is right on this one. We will tackle it but it is going to take a while. However, if some noble fan was to put something together, I am sure we could reward him appropriately (waving Judge Dredd miniatures in the air) :)
I submitted an article to Ian for Signs and Portents that takes a more indepth look at the Sons of the Kraken criminal organisation, if it sees print it will address a couple of these matters.