Upcoming Product - Magical Traditions I


I plan to release a product through RPGnow soon (a few weeks at the most)
covering the magical tradition of Spellweaving.

For a small preview of this product, download the following file:

http://leshan.pbwiki.com/f/Spellweaving Preview 01.pdf

This is planned as the first of several products detailing magical traditions that can be plugged into Runequest campaigns (Might not work well with Glorantha, I'm not that familar with the setting).

I hope to also do some adventure locations and short adventure packs as well.

Anthony C. Hunter
Silver Acorn Design
Nice preview. If the rest of the supplement looks as good it will be worth having. Let us know when it is a available for purchace. :D
Looks good! :)

maybe I can buy it before the companion is out here in germany.

I can imagin a game world where only weaving is a form of magic...
oh and of course runes
It's very D&D isn't it - Spider Walk (not Spider Climb at all, oh no!), Slow Fall (which I'm sure is quite different from Feather Fall... er, somehow). Not necesserily a bad thing though, after all for players already familiar with D&D it'll give them a familiar toolkit to play with.

I'm assuming the first set of spells are 'common' ones, but I note there are no weavings to provide protection from enemy spells, or that give the ability to dispell magic, or other basic magical tools. I know this isn't a complete list, but I hope there are in the final book as without them spellweavers will be somewhat crippled, as magicians, compared to practisioners of the main MRQ magic systems. On the other hand, these spells seem very powerful, and provide a very wide range of different effects.

Some aspects of it don't realy work for Gloranth though. Metals, other than untempered iron, have no effect on magic. In fact some metals are associated with certain elements and runes and so if anything should give bonuses to some types of magic. Copper is the Earth metal for example. The idea that armour and metals affect the ability to cast magic is very D&D specific.

Simon Hibbs
Simonh - Yes, some of these spells bear some similarity to those that one would find in a D&D campaign, although I haven't looked in D&D books in years. This is intended to offer a somewhat wider range of spells, and indeed, some that are reasonably familiar for folks who have played other games for years and want a different type of spell system.

The first ones are 'Common' weavings, and yes, there are dispel magic and protective spells in that section. Trust me, the spellweavers in our test group made sure those were available right off the bat :D

I've got to run it through a final proofreading, and finish the table for appendix II - using the weavings with runemagic and get my account set up with RPGnow and it will be ready to roll.

I should have all that done within the next 3 to 4 weeks. I'd have it sooner, but the wife and I are in the middle of trying to purchase a house and everything is rather chaotic around the house at the moment.

Anthony C. Hunter
Silver Acorn Design
A delay of a month or so isn't necesserily a bad thing. After all, it would be sensible to be able to integrate spellweaving with the official magic systems. For example we still have no idea how enchantments will work. RQ3 had extensive rules on enchantments, including bindings for spirits and elementals.

Then again if you're realy striking off on your own for the non-Gloranthan market, getting a product out in advance of Mongoose also has advantages.

Good luck with the house move.

Simon Hibbs
Thanks for sharing the pdf. Let me throw in some Ideas.

As it is now, I as reader have just a word like School of Darkness. Then the spell description begins. For information it would be nice to have some general description of each schools and what it stands for.

Ad elemental stats - I would wait for the RQ bestiary to be compatible with their descriptions of elementals (spirits and demons maybe too) . In RQ3 for example elementals have been VERY different to any other creature. (spirits and elementals have not every stat available because they are called "incomplete beeings" - and with variable SIZes etc.) Maybe MRQ does this too.

Eg. your description of a fire elemental is rather along the description of lesser elementals in stormbringer 5 than those in orignal RQ3.
Thanks for the comments Enpeze. At the beginning of the book, there is a brief description of each of the schools.

as for elementals, they are presented with a view as to how I view the elementals, and can easily be substituted with other elementals from upcoming products and the like if a GM so desires.

As always, comments and criticisms are welcome. I will look over what I've written on the descriptions of the schools and see if they need an addition.

Anthony C. Hunter
Silver Acorn Design