Unofficial Character Sheet yet?

Don Allen

Are there any fan created Character sheets yet for the new Runequest? The one in the book is a little too plain and uninspiring. It seems to me the fan based sheets are usually better than the official ones.

Bring it on the one in the book is frankly attrocious. Didn't inspire me with faith in the qulaity of the reworking when I saw that.

Looks like 5 minutes with Word!

There is at least three of them, and additionally I have already created one - but my creation is on finnish so I bet you don't want that.

But, here is links for rest of them:

Archer's very simple character sheet:

Malakor's character journal and other stuff:

Quire's another character sheet:

Hogscape's excel character sheet:

EDIT - I corrected link for Quire's sheet
EDIT - Modified link to Archer site directly
EDIT - Added Hogscape's sheet
For those seeking my Character Sheet, note that my previous website no longer exist.

The Chamber are now online;

You can find the Character Sheet in the RQ section.
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