I love the Underplex because?

  • The Computer says it will make me happy

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  • I can freely use my Registered Mutant Power

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  • I can freely use my Secret Mutant Power

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  • I have friends in the Underplex

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  • I get free Bouncy Bubbles Beverages if I do

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  • My Secret Society meets in there

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  • Other (please state other love interests)

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Mark Dunder

Now all those empty places suggested by the ACCS will take on some new meaning!

I have to wait a whole month! What kind of commie mutant plot is that!

Soon as I get my hands on the proper form from PLC, heads will roll!
Citizen. The reason for the delay is above your current security clearance. Please do not speculate further. Everything is under control!
Good news! I am so very relieved it's under control. I just knew taking an overdose (as recommended by our friend The Computer) of Supremely Delirious Happy Sunshine Wafers, would make a difference! :D
I can freely use my Secret Mutant Power
:lol: Oh, yes. Sure... Yeah, every opportunity. Go for it. I mean, I'm assuming you don't think any of your teams mates will rate on you. Trustworthy types are they? Keen to maintain strong team morale and synergies... Or just waiting for a chance to screw your traitorous butt to the cavern floor and introduce you to some nice citizens from IntSec who just happened to be popping by.


Oops. That treat is only cleared for Ultraviolets. Forget you even read about such a delicious, wonderful, extremely, scrumptious treat, cause you'll never get one!