Unarmed damage question


He deals damage as per the Gauntlet entry in the equipment chapter. Gauntlet is a weapon just like a dagger or club.

Honestly, the major advantage of a gauntlet is that it lets someone without the IUS or Brawl feats punch the opposition in the face. They do virtually nothing for someone with the feats.

To rectify that I have a house rule that a gauntlet adds +2 damage to an unarmed strike but otherwise opperates exactly as an unarmed strike (including provoking an AoO if you don't have IUS).

Hope that helps.


I find the most important thing is that gauntlets grant armor piercing
at least one then add any str bonus,

if you have gauntlets the feats improved unarmed strike and brawl become useless,
its better to spend the 5 silver pieces in a pair of gauntlets than use the 2 feats,