Unarmed Attacks and Two-Weapon Fighting



An unarmed attack counts as a light weapon right? Like if you had a sword in one hand you could punch with the other, right? Do you see where I'm going with this?

Am I crazy or could an unarmed guy make 2 attacks at no penalty? (due to two-weap rules)

This would speed up bar fights and make Khitan/Vendyhan kung-fu masters all the more awesome.
I have no problem with this -- of course, making an unarmed attack against an armed foe would still provoke an AoO . . .
Not to mention any sap can throw two punches in 6 seconds. The fact they will hardly ever overcome DR, or unless you have Improved Unarmed Strike and Brawl will both provoke AoO and never do anything to anybody who isn't about to be dead anyway.
I see nothing wrong with it, especially since the 2 punches would still be too attacks which would require taking a Full Action.

Now...can I do two grapples in round? ;)
I dunno. How bout this though? Use the first swing to trip, using improved trip of course. (combine with defensive matial arts and high str for extra oomph) Improved trip will let you take a free shot at the prone sap. (+4 to hit, all the better for finessing past that pesky armor) Stunning blow or whatever could come in handy here too, but back to the point. After tripping and getting the free whack, you cuold whack agin, or go for an easy grapple.
What do you think bout that?

As an added bonus, use improved disarm to get rid of your opponents weapon. Unless they have imp. unarmed they'll be taking AOOs from you, cause you count as armed with you fists of horrendous doom.
Guest -- I see nothing wrong with that, just sounds like good strategy to me! If it make Combat more deadly or more exciting, I'm all for it!

Of course, fighting unarmed is a rather deadly position to be in anyway. I'd rather have steel in my hand!