Two Weapon Fighting


Can TWF be done unarmed as a fist counts as a light weapon? If so then would almost all characters get two attacks per round?
Also, not having the book in front of me could someone remind me on the damage modifiers for two handed attacks and I think I read something about light weapon damage.
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Absolutely. As a matter of fact, characters are always allowed an off-hand, unarmed attack...sort of like a knee to the ribs or a head an additional attack.

But yes, you can use your bare hands as the secondary and/or primary attack with 2WF.
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Well, now someone's going to have to find it for me, but otherwise I think I mis-referenced. Either that or the wording is changed in the Atlantean Edition.

However, since everyone has TWF technically, with the availability of the Improved 2WC feat, you just suffer a -6 with your of-hand weapon. Unarmed strikes, it says on page 156, are considered light weapons for the purposes of two-weapon fighting. In the previous edition it said something about always being allowed this strike, the allusion to head-butts, kicking and kneeing people being listed as examples illustrates this nicely. However, the Atlantean Edition merely says unarmed strikes work like armed combat "with the following exceptions" (page 156). Two-weapon fight (page 178) doesn't list a totally free unarmed strike either.
Just a comment from an 'ex' medieval weapons fighter ...

I have long since given up my Dark Ages 'sword fighting' (And axe, spear, quarterstaff, dagger, etc!), but I think that the penalties for a Trained Two Weapon fighter should not be so severe as -6 (Offhand).

When fighting with two weapons in my 'heyday', I found it quite difficult to make two separate hits, coordinating both weapons simultaneously - when they were both long handled (Full length, such as axe/ sword, two swords,etc). When I used parrying dagger and sword, I was fine (Zero penalty) - and used the parrying weapon (Either!) quite effectively, giving me a strike with either 'free' weapon.

I know quite a few experienced 'Living History' fighters who are brilliant at full two Weapon fighting, and can be quite scary to see (And Fight!). They were just as effective with either weapon. Maybe this was their 'natural coordination (?) - so maybe High Dexterity counts, as well as experience/ training.

Untrained ... Two Weapon combatants should recieve a hefty penalty, because it takes quite a time to perfect the fighting technique.

Does Anyone have anything to offer in addition?