Tunnelling Assets: Do you or do you not use them?

Do you use tunnelling assets?

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  • What are tunnelling assets?

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As a die hard Bug player, I'm love my tunnelling assets. However, I've seen quite a few posts where other Bug players forgo tunnelling (almost)completely.

I was curious as to what the general consensus is.
I used to have everything tunnel except my hoppers... now that I occasionally use my plasma bug, and a special species like fire fries I find it easier or better to go with carrion bugs for all my warriors instead of tunnel assets,

My Brain and Tanker are the only units I give tunnel assets to...
Sometimes the board is laden with friendly terrain, or I won't take the same type of tunneling resources.

I try to vary it. Or it gets predictable.
Numbers, numbers and ... more numbers.

Ask Voracious Tigger, as I recall he mentioned that he doesnt use tunnels.
Even with a lot of terrain, I still have 1-2 tunnels, markers, and cave-ins. I'm big fan of sending something (usually a Tanker) underground. I think it serves as a good distraction, if nothing else.
I love using tunnels with attack tactics. The look you get the first time you set up and have no models on the table is pricless!
Unless I'm using my Arachnid Mobile Artillary Corps. (Plasma bug + Tunnel entrance + Burrower + coordinate), then I really don't use 'em at all. The Mi just have too many ways of dealing with tunneling (dealing with it easily I might add), and I find that the points are much better spent on more bugs. I've had bug players (back when there were other players in my area :cry: ) freak when I tell them that, but one or two games against my MI had them converted as well. Over-all I just don't find tunneling to that effective unless your opponent is either very inexperienced, or just really bad.
well i think tunnelling is a crucial weapon if used well, and I dont see the MI having that many ways of dealing with tunnels, unless they are absurdly lucky, the only thing guaranteed to pop some units out of the ground is a nuke,

and, it keeps the enemy guess you can 'hide' units for some time and make the enemy second guess his moves,

However I do know one way the MI can really avoid problems from tunnelers, and thats mobility, lots and lots of it, wasp packs and anything else thats jumping more than 12 is a pain in the ass to catch,

more and more I prefer simply having my forces above ground so I can have more bugs, however I cant concieve of using a tanker above ground until your ready to attack, its a very good investment in that case and saves you from god knows how many hole punches, the same is true of the brain bug....
I'm new and have only played a few games with a couple of opponents but obviously if Tunneling is little used then it must be too weak or too high priced, either way due for a tune-up. Tunneling is certainly part of the canon, novel and film.
uhmmmm Absolutely not the case.

Tunneling is extremely powerful, its just that other tactics are viable.
I think the tunnel mechanics along with the air phase are something that sets SST apart from a lot of other game systems. I like playing in those dimensions, and I absolutely use tunnel assets. I love to send a tunnel marker at the enemy along with a surface unit to force the MI to make a hard choice between a known foe and an unknown. I'm also one to position my Brain Bug near a tunnel entrance so he can move to safety when the heat gets turned on.

I can certainly say if the new rules move toward teleporting Bugs with a d6 roll with no tunnel markers, no cave-ins, no entrances, no nest entrances, no camouflaged entrances, and no bug central, I will stick to what we're currently using.
I only play as M.I so i've only glanced at the points costs etc for tunneling but's an exceptionally useful option. Where games are objective based it can really change how you look at winning. It also means you have to think about when to bring on your air assests/dropped units. I think it's a great angle in the game, helped sell it bug players and fits in with the source material. I hope they don't tamper with it too much.
tunnelling adds another dimension to the game. Plain and simple. It makes both MI and bug players have to be more tactical
Most time I prefer to play a fast attack swarm (lots of firefries, with hoppers and Ripplers for support) - if they do have artillery then just two plasmas with a small Warrior Guard. This army doesn't need any tunnel assets.

However if I play a more typical Bug Army I always use tunnel assets, most important for the Tankers and the Brain.